Lil' Flip Turning His Life Into A Comedy

Titled 'Pimpin' Ain't Easy,' movie scheduled to shoot in the fall.

HOLLYWOOD — Talk about flipping the script. Houston rapper Lil' Flip is turning his life story into a movie ... a comedy, to be exact.

"Everybody is dropping gangsta movies, [but] you can only kill so many people," Flip explained. "So I'm going to tell them the truth about what I went through and I'm going to make it a comedy. And I'm gonna have a lot of stars in it, so you all look out for it."

Titled "Pimpin' Ain't Easy," the movie is scheduled to shoot in the fall with Flip playing the lead role.

Also on the horizon for Flip is a dis track aimed at T.I., who called Flip out in Atlanta recently after hearing the H-Town MC had come at him earlier (see "Lil' Flip To T.I.: 'If You Make A Leprechaun Mad, You Gonna Feel The Wrath' "). Flip still denies starting the beef.

"For one, why would I dis a gold artist?" he said. "And about the king of the South thing, Scarface is the king of the South. So it's really crazy, but he came at me and I got something for him, so it's all good."

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