Elektra's New Costume: Hot, But Not Too Hot

Jennifer Garner's new getup is more like comic-book rendition, but still family-friendly.

Jennifer Garner is slipping into something more comfortable for "Elektra."

FOX has unveiled the first in-costume look at Garner as she shoots the upcoming "Daredevil" spin-off. The film will see Elektra shed the black leather of the original flick in favor of a red ensemble that's a bit more in line with the look the sword-wielding heroine rocked in the comic realm. Since the skimpy red wrap that comic fans are used to would be all but impossible to incorporate into a film that aspires for a rating lower than NC-17, Garner will battle ninjas and other evildoers in hip-hugger pants and a revealing corset. But fans will be heartened by the return of Elektra's trademark red color scheme, forearm wraps and penchant for displaying skin.

This time around, director Rob Bowman (the "X-Files" movie, "Reign of Fire") is at the helm, and both he and Garner promise that the costume won't be the only link between the film and its source material. "I have the comics pasted up all over my trailer, because it's as though we have our storyboards right from the comic book," Garner said (see "Elektra Is So Not Dead").

Bowman has been dropping references to films like "The Cooler" and "21 Grams" when talking about "Elektra," suggesting a deeper, character-driven approach. Of course, that depth will be flanked with weapons, explosions and hand-to-hand combat. Also in the mix this time are Terence Stamp and "ER" star Goran Visnjic.

The action hits theaters next year.

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