Jadakiss Calls His Success Proof That 'Controversy Sells'

His Kiss of Death features the political single 'Why.'

Jadakiss scored the highest debut of his career this week when his second solo album, Kiss of Death, debuted at #1 after selling more than a quarter million copies.

"I've got a lot more work to do, but it definitely shows that the work I [did] put in is paying off," Jadakiss said (see "Jadakiss' Kiss Of Death Is Anything But, Debuting At #1"). "That's keeping me hungry and motivated."

The success of Kiss has been propelled by Jada's song "Why." The lyrics are a series of questions about current events, politics and life in the streets. They range from the mundane to the profound.

"I tried to make a song that could appeal to a broader audience," Jadakiss explained. "That's a song that's saying a lot of things people don't get to say."

But Jada also offered another reason why his song has caught on. "Controversy sells, politics sell, all that type of stuff sells," he said.

One line in particular from "Why" is fueling the controversy: "Why did Bush knock down the towers?" The line refers to a conspiracy theory that some in the hip-hop community have expressed about the September 11 tragedy.

"The Bush bashers really feel that line, but that's just something that, after 9-11, when I came outside and everybody was just talking and gathering thoughts, that's what we came up with — 'we' meaning my people," Jadakiss said. "I just wanted to put it out there. I wanted to be the voice of the people."

Jadakiss plans to keep pushing Kiss of Death with a new single and video, but he hasn't settled on which one. He's also concentrating on launching his record label, D-Block, with fellow LOX members Styles and Sheek. He said they plan to hit the studio together soon to record a LOX album for next year, tentatively titled Live, Suffer, Celebrate.