Kanye West Spits More 'Confessions'

Rapper/producer actually wrote three versions of his verse.

HOLLYWOOD — Kanye West clearly came to Tuesday's BET Awards ready to perform.

Those who tuned in saw his inspirational show-opening version of "Jesus Walks" earn a standing ovation (see "Usher, Outkast, Jay-Z, Beyonce Clean Up At BET Awards"), but few saw the Best New Artist winner showing off his skills on the red carpet just minutes before.

When asked about the "Confessions, Pt. 2" remix that just surfaced featuring the Roc rapper alongside Twista and Shyne, Kanye said he actually wrote three different versions of his verse. "Would y'all want me to spit one of 'em?" he asked.

Um ... yeah!

"How can you say Kan is/ So pompous/ You ain't been to his conscious/ You just talking that nonsense/ He in the same league Nas is/ Or J is/ My favorite," he rapped, later adding, "I'm Kanye not Kane/ But to you, I'm Rick James — bitch!"

"I had to go hard on this, 'cause I love this song," West said.

Interestingly, Kanye spit a different verse for MTV News earlier in the month (see "Kanye West's Videos: 'Jesus Walks' ... And Walks ... And Walks").

West isn't sure where the remix will end up (there's talk of an extended Confessions reissue), and he's focusing on finding a home for a remix of his next single, "The New Workout Plan," with Lil Jon and Farnsworth Bentley.

Coincidently, Bentley was also anxious to spit a little at the BET Awards, although it took him a few minutes to remember his verse from the song.

"All right, I have to sing it," he said, singing the beat before busting out into verse. "B.E.N.T.L.E.Y./ Yes, it's he, don't be surprised/ Work them abs and you gonna work them thighs/ And there is no compromise/ Yes, you must put down those fries/ No, you can not super-size/ What you can do is hit them crunches/ Pack your lunch with grapes in bunches."

"It's the plan so that the ladies are right for the summer," Bentley explained. "That includes having lip gloss and all of the other things to get you all the way right."

After "The New Workout Plan" is released, Kanye will change his focus from The College Dropout to working with the acts on his new label, Very Good Music. Along with veteran Common, the label features John Legend, GLC and Consequence.

West is also fielding dozens of production requests ("I get calls from everyone — nothing surprises me anymore," he said) and contemplating getting into film.

"You never know what the future may hold," he said. "I just try to take it one day at a time and try to make everything I'm involved in quality. I'm not gonna do it if I can't."