Christina Apologizes Again For Canceled Tour, Reveals Upcoming Plans

With two new albums in the works, singer is also seeking a movie role: 'Something meaty and juicy that I can sink my teeth into.'

Christina Aguilera might not be touring this summer — for which she's sorry, according to an audio message she posted Tuesday on her Web site — but she certainly hasn't been idle.

Apologizing to fans about the tour cancellation, Aguilera reiterated that it was "very important" to give her voice a rest so that it can hold up the next time she hits the road. "I would never go out on that stage and sing everything from top to bottom [unless I'm] in top condition when I do that," she said. "I have to be super-positive everything is good with my pipes" (see "Christina Calls Off Tour With Chingy Due To Vocal Strain").

Aguilera, however, did not mention the recent refund problem some fans who had purchased VIP tickets are facing (see "Christina Aguilera's 'VIP' Fans May Get Bilked Out Of Ticket Refunds"). Her spokesperson noted that both Aguilera and her management had retained legal counsel, and efforts are being made to address the situation. Meanwhile, the trustee for FansRULE, the company that owes fans the refunds in question, said that they would know more about the status of refunds next week.

Now that her pipes have had a bit of a break, though, Aguilera put them to the test last week when she recorded a cover of Rose Royce's 1976 hit "Car Wash" for the soundtrack to "A Shark's Tale." She's also announced her first concert since the tour cancellation, for July 10 in Pittsburgh at a six-day event called Elements (a pass for the entire event must be purchased to attend Aguilera's show; "V.I.P." and "V.V.I.P." passes are available).

She's also started work on her follow-up to Stripped, she said in the message, "putting my heart and soul into the next vision that I have for the next album." At the same time, she's going to work on her second Spanish-language album.

While Aguilera didn't describe who she was working with or what the albums would sound like, she did give a hint about what's been inspiring her lately. "I've been flirting with old '20s and '30s looks and styles and movies and old pinups," she said, "from your Marlene Dietrich to your Bette Davis and all these amazing old Hollywood movie stars. I've always been a huge admirer of Marilyn [Monroe], and I'm playing with that look, because you know I'm always changing it up."

Of course, that interest in old Hollywood could be what connects Aguilera to her first film role, which she's currently trying to choose as she reads through scripts. "I'm pinning down the right role for a movie," she said. "I'm not just going to do a movie to do a movie, it has to be right — the right role, the right character. Something meaty and juicy that I can sink my teeth into."

Aguilera also urged her fans to get informed about the issues concerning this year's presidential election, and to vote. "I've actually never voted before, this is the first year I'm doing it," she said. "It's an extremely important year to start voting. It's always important to vote, but this year especially, and — hint, hint — vote for the right person."