New Found Glory Promise 'Freakin' Crazy' Video For 'Failure's Not Flattering'

Band also hints at opening slot for band it idolizes.

IRVINE, California — New Found Glory think they know the key to a hit summer single. Actually, keys would be the better word.

"The next single's gonna be a song called 'Failure's Not Flattering'; it's the one song on our record that has a really cool keyboard part that James [DeWees] from Reggie and the Full Effect/Get Up Kids played," guitarist Steve Klein said. "It's kinda different and it's summery, you know, summer fresh fun."

DeWees' keyboards certainly bring a new element to New Found Glory's pop-punk, but "Failure's Not Flattering" isn't exactly Sugar Ray or Smash Mouth, either. It still packs an aggressive punch, in large part because of the lyrics. "What's your problem?" singer Jordan Pundik asks in the chorus. "Can't you see it/ And you go and blow it/ Like everyone knows you will."

"It's about making mistakes," the band's other guitarist, Chad Gilbert, explained. "Someone that's about to mess something up and you're trying to wake up the person. People live and are stuck in a certain way and it's kind of like a wake-up call for a person to change. And if they don't, it's all gonna be messed up."

New Found Glory are shooting the video this week with Meiert Avis, who directed their memorable "All Downhill From Here" clip (see "New Found Glory Have Found New Approach To Making Videos").

"Let's just say there's a lot of bands that have party videos and this is gonna take what most bands have and make it like freakin' crazy," Gilbert said. "And with so many different styles of cinematography. If we pull it off, it's gonna destroy our last video."

"We don't wanna give it away 'cause we want it to be a cool surprise thing," Klein added. "But expect some crazy effects."

It seems there's a few surprises in store for New Found Glory fans. The band, whose Catalyst debuted at #3 last month (see "New Found Glory Keep It Real In The Face Of Success"), has already lined up a post-Warped Tour outing, and the group promises it'll be something special.

"We're not allowed to say yet, but if people are huge fans of New Found Glory, they'll be able to figure it out [when I say] it's the band that we collectively all love and have always loved and it's probably the biggest inspiration for us, why we're playing music with melody and this kind of energy," Gilbert said. "They asked us to open for them, so we're going to be supporting a certain band."