Mixtape Monday: Whoo Kid On Summer Jam Ruckus, Eminem Sick With Sickamore, Carmelo Anthony Plugs Jadakiss

Whoo Kid also assembling Rap the Vote CD; says Nas, Snoop Dogg, Kanye, G-Unit are on board.

Artist: Sickamore & Jacob the Jeweler

Mixtape: Diamonds Are Forever

Representing: Brooklyn, New York

The 411: Sickamore's been in the game for a few years now, but in 2004 he's running with the big dogs (he's even made mixtapes with Snoop). Clue, Kay Slay and Envy aren't the only NYC spinners with the sick (pardon the pun) exclusives: For Diamonds Are Forever, Sickamore teams up with hip-hop's most famous iceman, Jacob the Jeweler, and video poster girl Gloria Velez.

Joints To Check For:

  • "If You So Gangsta" by Lloyd Banks. Who says New York rap stars have to rely on beats that sound like they were birthed in the South or the West? Banks keeps this track pure Rotten-Apple gutter over a monstrous concoction of bass and drums, questioning the courage of fake Gs while once again levying a barrage of punch lines and boasts. "Every now and then a new kid gotta win/ Unfortunately for you, I'm him."

  • "Click, Click" by Icarus. Tuck your chains, get some extra security guards for the armored truck and put a few more cameras in your office building's lobby: Icarus is on the prowl. Ic raps about sticking up half of the industry, but where 50 Cent talked about artists on "How to Rob," Ic is trying to get the goods from label CEOs: Diddy, Def Jam's Kevin Liles and Jermaine Dupri are all subject matter. "I come up with all my brothers, run up in Warner Bros./ Have Lyor Cohen empty the safe for all the number," he raps.

  • Eminem freestyle. "You ain't never seen momentum switch like this/ Since 50 put you-know-who outta business," Em starts off, rapping over Lloyd Banks' "On Fire," a track Slim Shady co-produced. Em then goes off the top of the head and even freaks Das EFX's old diggity style.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • Juelz Santana's Back Like Cooked Coke

  • Consequence's Take 'Em to the Cleaners

  • Federation and Vybz Kartel's Time Served

  • DJ Vlad's Vlad the Butcher Presents Old Gangsters & Young Gunz

  • Cutmaster C's True Stories mixtape and DVD

  • Big Mike's Something for the Radio Pt. 3 and Cruel Summer 2k4 Pt. 2

  • DJ Wreck's No More Mister Nice Guy Pt. 4, hosted by Method Man

  • DJ Sleepy Eye's Summa's Over

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

  • "Ain't No Click" by Lloyd Banks featuring Tony Yayo

  • "Higher" by Do or Die featuring Kanye West

  • "Flap Your Wings" by Nelly

  • "Red Light" by Usher

  • "Flatline" by Beanie Sigel and Peedi Crakk

  • "Breathe" by Fabolous

Celebrity Favs

Carmelo Anthony, #15 on the Denver Nuggets and runner-up to LeBron James for the NBA's Rookie of the Year, joins the long list of cats who love Jadakiss' The Champ is Here mixtape. He plays the CD before games.

"I'm a 'Kiss fan, that's my favorite rapper," Melo said. "The champ is in the building! That 'Kiss CD that's gonna come out [Kiss of Death] is gonna be fire. I also like Hov, but right now, the hottest song out is Fat Joe's 'Lean Back.' "

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Whoooooooooo Kiiiiid! The G-Unit's DJ is bringing together a gaggle of MCs for an upcoming mixtape like he always does. This time, however, it's for a better cause than just setting a buzz for artists' upcoming albums: He's doing it for his country. The Queens DJ is working on a street CD for the Rap the Vote organization.

"They will just be freestyling about life — not actually about voting, but about society and stuff like that which can be taken care of through voting," Whoo Kid explained last week in New York before taking off to Norway. "It's all about their life and situations which we could be aware of. It's not going to be dumb freestyles about gold, jewelry, cars or nonsense like that."

Whoo Kid said that so far Nas, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and the whole G-Unit have agreed to contribute records, and he also expects P. Diddy to sign up. His Rap the Vote mixtape should be hitting the streets around Independence Day.

"It's gonna get bootlegged so hard 'cause I got all the top artists out there freestyling," he predicts. "Rappers can help wake the kids up. It's not just about entertainment, whips and rims. That's cool but reality always hits."

Speaking of reality, Whoo Kid got a dose of the surreal life while DJing at the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert on June 12. Perched high above the stage in his DJ booth, Whoo Kid literally got a bird's-eye view when the G-Unit and 50 Cent's friends-turned-nemeses Bang 'Em Smurf and Domination engaged in some back-and-forth ruckus (see "50 Disses Headliner R. Kelly, Storms Off Summer Jam Stage").

"I didn't even think that it would be that crazy," Whoo Kid said about Smurf, Domination and their Silver Back Guerilla crew showing up in the front row of Summer Jam. "Lloyd Banks was like 'what the f---?' He couldn't believe that they were so close to the stage. He had four grand in cash that he threw at them. 50 threw like five grand at them, just trying to degrade them and show them they ain't worth anything. People thought that it was fake money but when they figured that it was real, chaos started. It was like damn near a sea of money 'cause the wind took it all."

Soon after, Smurf's crew started throwing chairs at the stage. "Them chairs were kind of light so they didn't really do any damage, but 50 caught one perfectly," Whoo Kid continued. "It was crazy, but the crowd was still going. I never cut the music off. I'm already used to a 50 Cent concert. We've seen it all: beatdowns, shoot-outs. We don't stop the music — it just keeps going."

If you think 50 isn't going to hit the streets again soon, especially in light of his recent Summer Jam drama, you're playing yourself. Whoo Kid won't give too many details, but he's already working on a mixtape that will heavily feature 50. On one of 50's freestyles, the general of the G-Unit will be rapping over a classic Biggie beat.

"He just called me from L.A. and did this crazy freestyle," Whoo said. "So I'm gonna do a Wild Boyz mixtape, cause they're wildin' out right now. Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and all of them are going to be hosting. It's going to be some crazy sh--. Prepare to see a lot of craziness on that one."

Whoo Kid is keeping it Queens this summer: He's also working on a Nas mixtape.

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