Em, Lil Jon Flirt With The Ladies Backstage At Movie Awards

Tom Cruise takes care of business, Paris struggles with skirt.

Perhaps you saw one of the clever headlines, such as "Eminem's moon shines too brightly for MTV" or "MTV eclipses Eminem's full moon."

Yes, not everything that happened at Saturday's taping of the annual MTV Movie Awards made it into Thursday's broadcast — which, by the way, was not without its racy moments (see "Lindsay Lohan, Paris, Wayans Deliver Shock Treatment At MTV Movie Awards"). Fortunately, though, MTV News was backstage to take notes on some of the best stuff we knew you wouldn't see. Here are some highlights:

»   After their performance, while Eminem flirted with Jessica Biel, members of D12 stood in a hallway backstage, joking with other celebrities and telling Halle Berry they liked her album.

»   Lil Jon slipped out of wild-entertainer mode just long enough to give props to the Beastie Boys. Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz responded by thanking Jon for the word "crunk," which he said he would've liked to have used 15 years ago to describe the Beasties.

»   Earlier, Lil Jon showed up requesting a cooler to keep several cases of his Crunk!!! energy drink on ice. He later tried to convince some female crew members to have a few cans, suggesting that the aphrodisiac it contains would be good for them.

»   Marques Houston, who raised eyebrows by wearing what looked like a clear plastic space suit, had to fan himself backstage to keep the outfit from fogging up. "It wasn't hot before, but all the lights and stuff [have made it hot]," he said.

»   Early Friday morning, just before dress rehearsals were to begin, something caught on fire in one of the studios, causing an enormous garage door to short and come crashing down on a production truck. The crew was too busy evacuating the building to figure out what happened, so it was immediately determined the studio was haunted.

»   Amidst small-talking with admirers like Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise snuck off to a production truck to approve a song for the next "Mission: Impossible" movie.

»   Guest reporter Paris Hilton, who had just flown in from shooting a movie in New Zealand, was happily reunited with boyfriend Nick Carter backstage before the show.

»   Paris had wardrobe issues throughout the day. During rehearsals, she struggled to keep her super-short skirt from falling down from the weight of the microphone transmitters clipped to her waist. And just before the show was to start, she nixed a huge ring she was set to wear and gave it as a gift to the production crew member driving her to the red carpet.

»   Jack Black, one of the few winners who took the time to hit the press tent, gave photographers a special treat when he walked out amongst them for a special photo op. Later, in between talking to video outlets, Black stopped to talk with fellow winner Martine McCutcheon of "Love, Actually." "What are you doing now?" he asked. "Working on my next record," she responded. "No way! You sing?" he replied.

»   After winning Breakthrough Male, "X2: X-Men United" star Shawn Ashmore joked backstage that he and his twin brother, Aaron, sometimes pretend to be each other. "Every once in a while he gets that 'Can you shoot some ice for us?' " said Ashmore, who played Iceman in "X2." "Sometimes he says that he's me and sometimes he doesn't. It depends on what kind of mood he's in."

»   The towering Andrew Bryniarski, who played Leatherface in the recent remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," roamed the dressing rooms backstage, looking for celebrities to sign a guitar he's auctioning off for charity. "I'm putting it on eBay, and 100 percent of the money goes to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where kids are very sick," he said.

»   After Lil Jon informed Dave Navarro that Ronald Reagan had died, the guitarist spent some time in his dressing room watching news reports about the former president. "A lot of what they were talking about was the man, the human being, how much he loved his wife, the kind of relationship they had, and he was really portrayed in this really human, emotional way," Navarro said. "I really loved that, and I wish that we had gotten more of a chance to really know about that when he was alive. I think it's somewhat of a shame when it takes someone's death to really portray them as who they were."