P. Diddy's Next Act: Olympic Torchbearer

Mogul is one of 120 New Yorkers to carry Olympic torch through New York.

P. Diddy will run the city — again.

The music and fashion mogul will bring his sneakers out of the closet — but it won't be for another pavement-pounding run in the New York City Marathon. Diddy's been chosen as one of the 120 New Yorkers who will help run the Olympic torch through the five boroughs of the city as it makes its way around the world.

The event takes place June 19 and Diddy will join others such as CNN anchor Paula Zahn, hometown b-baller Stephon Marbury, Central Park rape victim Trisha Meili and Lauren Manning, a woman who worked in the World Trade Center and suffered burns on more than 80 percent of her body in the September 11 attacks.

"Words cannot express how proud I am to be carrying the Olympic Torch for my home, New York, New York — the greatest city in the world," Diddy said in a brief statement.

The Olympic Torch was lit in Athens, Greece, home of this summer's Olympic games, on March 25. It'll travel around the world and back to Athens in time for the opening ceremonies on August 13.