Tail Feathers Sore? Time To 'Flap Your Wings,' Nelly Says

His two new LPs will also spawn the single 'My Place.'

Nelly fans will have to wait a little longer for the two albums he's releasing simultaneously this year, but for now the rapper can at least offer up names for the discs, and soon he'll drop a first single from each.

Sweat will be the title of the grittier of the two discs, which is said to have songs for the clubs, the bedroom and the streets a la "Hot in Herre" and "Air Force Ones." And since the last time Nelly really busted out big-time was with P. Diddy and Murphy Lee on "Shake Ya Tailfeather," it's only right that he has a new set of instructions for his flock. Sweat's first single is called "Flap Your Wings" and features the production handiwork of the Neptunes.

Nelly's second LP in the double-dose offering has been christened Suit, and it's described as the more melodic of the discs, somewhere in the vein of songs like "Pimp Juice." Nelly has his pimp juices flowing on the lead cut from the album, a track called "My Place." The song is a hip-hop take on Teddy Pendergrass' 1979 baby-making ditty "Come Go With Me." Fittingly, Jaheim, who's drawn comparisons to Pendergrass, will be singing, "Come on and go with me, come on over to my place."

Nelly will shoot videos for both singles in the next couple of weeks. Sweat and Suit, now due September 14, had originally been slated for August 17 (see "Nelly To Pull A Guns N' Roses This Summer, With Mase In Tow").