'Yeah!' Follow-Up On The Way, Says Lil Jon

'Red Light' was recorded last year but didn't land on Usher's LP.

Lil Jon isn't wasting any time placing calls for guest appearances on his forthcoming LP, Crunk Juice. The pimp-goblet-toting party-starter already has an all-star lineup — and he's just getting started.

"Right now I'm recording vocals with Ice Cube and R. Kelly, and that's just right off the bat," Jon said recently from Miami, where he was laying down tracks.

Although Jon's sound is the hottest thing in music right now, he also enlisted other producers to collaborate with as well. He and Rick Rubin go in the studio in a few weeks (see "Lil Jon Bangs Head, Creates 'Crunk-Rock' "), and Timbaland has also joined the crunk circus.

"Me and Timbaland, we're doing a track together and it's going to be some next-level sh--," he said. "I think I'm going to put me, Ludacris and Usher on that track. So that sh-- is about to be monstrous."

Jon said it was no problem collaborating with Tim behind the boards because the respect level is so high between the two. "We ain't got egos," he insisted. The process of co-producing a track was relatively simple, according to Jon. He made a track, sent it over to the studio, and Timbaland made a beat to match it.

"Actually, it's done," the king of crunk divulged. "It's gonna be the hottest club record of the year. It's gonna be monstrous because it's Usher, Luda and me on another track — with Timbaland and me producing it. It could have the wackest lyrics in the world, but the beat is gonna be incredible."

We all know what happened the last time Jon, Luda and Usher got together: The blockbuster "Yeah!" was born. During his recording sessions with Usher last year, Jon and Mr. Entertainment also recorded a song called "Red Light" that didn't make the cut for the Confessions LP, but the Atlanta producer is optimistic it'll see the light of day soon.

" 'Red Light' is kinda a continuation to 'Yeah!' " Jon said. " 'Yeah!' is like, 'I don't know if I should mess with this chick, but f--- it, I'mma [mess with her].' Then 'Red Light' is him thinking about the [girl]. Like, 'Damn, this bi--- got me at the red light thinking about her.' Everybody's been at the red light like, 'Damn, that was some good-ass [sex].' "

And if you're going to make sweet love, Jon advises you to take a couple of swigs of his energy drink, which is called "Crunk!!!"

"It's going crazy in Atlanta, and we just dropped," Jon said, sounding amazed. "It's going all across the country. It'll be all around the South within the next month. Hopefully we can be in New York and California in the next two or three months. For the last couple of weeks [my] porno [movie] was the number one porno. I got my own sunglasses coming out. We're working on the Lil Jon action figure. Everything is just going well for me."