G-Unit's Tony Yayo Finally Out Of Prison

MC reportedly heads straight to recording studio upon release.

Five and a half months after flirting with freedom, G-Unit's Tony Yayo is out of prison. He's hoping to stay out this time.

Yayo was released from a federal jail facility in New York Monday afternoon after serving time for possessing a forged passport. He was discovered with the faulty document by his parole officer just one day after being released from an upstate New York incarceration facility after serving a year on bail-jumping and weapons charges (see "Forged Passport Sent G-Unit's Tony Yayo Back To Prison").

One of Yayo's attorneys, Scott Leeman, told MTV News that upon release, the MC went straight to the studio to record new music. He said Yayo plans to release his solo album in September. A spokesperson at Interscope Records confirmed Yayo's release but would not confirm his recording plans.

During 2003, in the year that Yayo was in prison, 50 Cent and G-Unit shot to worldwide fame. Yayo is credited as an original member of 50's G-Unit crew, and their verbal interplay is one of the reasons why 50 flourished in the underground hip-hop world before finding mainstream success.