Brad Pitt And 'Troy' Victorious At The Box Office

War epic crushes closest competitor, 'Van Helsing.'

In the battle of Greek and Trojan warriors versus vampires and monsters at the box office this weekend, Brad Pitt and his armor-clad brethren took home the spoils, raking in $45.6 million.

"Troy," the heavily hyped $150-million adaptation of Homer's great war epic, sailed into first place with Pitt as Achilles, Orlando Bloom as Paris and Eric Bana as Hector at the helm crushing "Van Helsing" by raking in more than twice as much as the effects-laden monster flick, according to early estimates. (Click for photos from "Troy.") The Hugh Jackman film brought in $20.1 million to grab the #2 spot at the box office. (Click for photos from "Van Helsing.")

While nice guys might finish last, "Mean Girls" finished third this week, dropping a spot to #3. The Tina Fey-penned flick about the high school caste system brought in $10.1 million. (Click for photos from "Mean Girls.")

On its opening weekend, Jamie Foxx's "Breakin' All the Rules" came in at #4 on the list, bringing in $5.3 million. (Click for photos from "Breakin' All The Rules.") The comedy about a man who writes a best-seller on how to break up with a woman after being dumped by his fiancée ties for the fourth spot on the list, with Denzel Washington's "Man on Fire," which slips down a notch this week.

Jennifer Garner's "13 Going on 30" slides to the bottom half of the top 10, coming in at #6 with $4.2 million, just barely beating the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen flick "New York Minute," which took in $3.8 million to land at #7 this weekend.

Rounding out the top 10 are the Pierce Brosnan/ Julianne Moore romantic comedy "Laws of Attraction" coming in at #8 with $2.1 million; Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill Vol. 2" at #9  with $1.5 million; and "Godsend" at #10 with $1 million, each dropping two spots from last week's top 10.

Overall, it was a slow weekend at the box office, but business should pick up next weekend when "Shrek 2" hits theaters.

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