Five Lucky People To Attend College On The David Banner Plan

One winner is a soldier currently stationed in Iraq.

David Banner is sending five people to college.

In December the Mississippi rapper unveiled a "golden ticket" contest in which five random people who purchased his second album, MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water, would win a certificate redeemable for a $10,000 college scholarship (see "David Banner To Send Five Lucky People To College"), funded by Banner and his record company, SRC.

Now, five months later, Banner has found his lucky winners, a spokesperson for the rapper confirmed. The bunch includes one woman and four men, one of whom is 19-year-old Patrick Godfrey, a soldier stationed in Iraq. Four of the five winners — Godfrey, Karen Dunlap, Matthew Foote, Eric Harris — hail from the South, like Banner, while the other, Ryan Larkum, lives in Connecticut.

None of the five won by finding the golden ticket in a Banner CD. They all won after entering a second-chance contest. That means either people found certificates in their CDs and did not redeem them before the contest's deadline passed, or the certificates are still inside copies sitting on shelves.

All five people have already been notified of their prize. Banner and his record company are currently deciding on how and when to present the scholarship checks to the winners. According to contest rules, the winners can use the money toward any post-high school education, such as college, graduate studies or vocational school.