Flowers? No, Petey Pablo Gives Studio Time For Mother's Day

Rapper's mom will record CD that he'll sell online.

Petey Pablo knows exactly what he's getting his mom for Mother's Day — a CD. No, he's not making a trip to the local record store. The North Carolina rapper will soon be booking recording time for his mother so she can record her own album.

"My mother can sing," Petey revealed recently. "Now that I'm able to grant those dreams that we had once, I just want her to have an opportunity of going into the studio and really singing, doing her thing."

Petey said he'll hook up beats and bring in musicians so Mama Pablo can cut a proper album. He'll sell the CDs through a Web site he's launching for his record label, Wright Brothers Records, this summer. If the response is good, he'll try to distribute it properly. "She doesn't want to be an artist, but this is just [me being] a dream fulfiller," he explained.

Petey's been busy lately, anticipating the release of his second album, Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry, due Tuesday. "I'm not a person who really feels comfortable sitting down and talking to people, so I put my business in the street through my music," Petey said, describing the "diary" theme that runs through his first two albums. "If you have a problem, all you need is someone to listen to make you feel better. And once 10 million people pick up [the album], I'll feel a lot better."

Petey admitted that while people all over the country are falling in love with Lil Jon, he still hasn't talked with the producer since enlisting Jon for his first single, "Freek a Leek." Lil Jon essentially used the same beat for Usher's smash hit "Yeah!" without telling either artist.

"I wasn't annoyed," Petey said before changing his mind. "Oh yes I was. MTV, I gotta keep it real — I was annoyed. But I just let that one fly out in the wind. Sometimes it's best to let things go. I ain't got no complaints."