'Real World' Miami Cast Member Busted At Adult Movie Theater

Dan Renzi charged with indecent conduct.

Dan Renzi from "The Real World" Miami was arrested on Wednesday and charged with indecent conduct.

According to Sergeant Tony Sanders of the Kansas City, Missouri, police department, Renzi was masturbating during a movie in the Strand Theatre, an adult bookstore and movie theater, when he was spotted by undercover vice-squad officers.

Sanders said that the vice unit routinely inspects theaters to deter such activity.

After a few hours in police custody, Renzi posted his $500 bond and also posted about the incident on his Web site (danrenzi.typepad.com).

He addressed the charges in a playful "true or false" quiz.

"On Cinco de Mayo," he wrote, "I like to drink margaritas. True. I'm blaming this on alcohol. False, false, false. I wasn't drunk. Besides, drunk or sober, you own your actions. But let's face it — the tequila helped things along."

Renzi asserted that the officers nabbed several people during the bust, but he alone was arrested, though Sanders could not confirm this claim. Renzi speculated that he was singled out was because the officers recognized him from "The Real World."

" 'The Real World,' what's that?" Sanders asked. "We didn't know who he was, but I can say this: we conduct inspections on a regular basis and we are not discriminatory when people do something against the law, against our city ordinances."

So did he learn his lesson? "True or false, I'll never be naughty again," Renzi asked at the close of his blog entry. "False."

Renzi is due in court for a hearing on the charges July 30.