Look Out, Hilary Duff — Here Comes Raven

Former 'Cosby' kid juggling several music, TV, film projects.

Raven is looking a lot like this year's Hilary Duff.

The actress, who also has her own Disney Channel show, is mounting a major move to both the big screen and the record stores.

Along with appearing in two major movies, "The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement" and "Fat Albert" (see "Aaron Carter Joins 'Fat Albert' Cast; Costumes Unveiled"), Raven (formerly Raven-Symoné) will shoot two others for release in 2005, and she'll record an LP.

Raven has released two albums before, including one when she was just 8 years old, but the former "The Cosby Show" co-star is taking her latest much more seriously.

"I'm trying to do this new thing, which is not really out today," Raven said recently, choosing not to elaborate. "There's gonna be new producers. ... It's gonna be a new sound."

The album is due at the end of the year, but Raven will tide fans over with appearances on a couple of soundtracks, beginning May 18 with three songs on the companion album to her Disney show, "That's So Raven." In August, "The Princess Diaries 2" soundtrack will feature two of her tracks.

"I'm also singing 'Superstitious' [on an upcoming Motown television special], and I'm doing a concert for DirecTV," Raven said.

As for her movie career, the big news is Raven has signed on for a remake of "Sparkle," a 1976 classic about sisters trying to make it big with their R&B group. "It's a very, very significant film, very important to my people," Raven said.

Aaliyah was once attached to the remake (see "Aaliyah Working On New LP, Up For 'Sparkle' Remake"), and most recently Ja Rule and Ashanti were said to be co-starring (see "Ja Rule And Ashanti To Star In Remakes Of 'Sparkle' And 'Grease' "), though the rest of the cast has not yet been confirmed.

Raven's other upcoming movie is "All-American Girl," based on a novel by "Princess Diaries" author Meg Cabot.

"It's about a girl who saves the president by accident and becomes a national hero," Raven said. Along the way, her character also charms the president's son. "My dad's executive-producing it, so I'm really excited."

Raven is also developing a movie with her roommate, Lindsay Lohan, and will star alongside 3LW in a "Cheetah Girls" sitcom based on the Disney Channel movie starring the girls (see "3LW Bringing 'Cheetah Girls' To TV, May Get Real In Atlanta").

"I've got a lot of stuff going, I've got to get some sleep," Raven joked.

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