'O.C.' Cast Party: Lots Of Clues About Season Finale, No Fistfights

Finale involves wedding, pregnancy, 'one hell of a cliffhanger.'

HOLLYWOOD — Finally an "O.C." party without a fistfight.

The cast of FOX's hit drama gathered at hotspot Falcon on Tuesday night to celebrate the first season finale, which the cast finished shooting Friday and will air May 5.

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As the teen girls lined along Sunset Boulevard exchanged waves with Mischa Barton and company, dozens of reporters and photographers prodded "The O.C." stars for details on the season's final three episodes.

"I'm going to tell you ... nothing," said a bubbly Rachel Bilson, who plays Summer on the show.

"I already got reprimanded for saying too much to you guys, actually," added Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan Atwood), who revealed a bit about the finale to MTV News at the recent Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (see " 'O.C.' Stars Hint At What To Expect On Season Finale")."I can say there's one hell of a cliffhanger at the end. Ryan is faced with a really tough decision. The last few episodes are really strong — heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time."

Not all the stars' lips were so sealed.

"There's a pregnancy involved, and there are a lot of questions, but I think Sandy's probably not a prime suspect," Peter Gallagher joked about his character. "Those days are over. I'm stalwart and true."

Other cast members revealed the finale will be wrapped around the controversial wedding of Melinda Clarke's Julie Cooper character and Alan Dale's older Caleb Nichol.

"I end up going to this wedding between my ex-wife and this guy that I hate, this guy right here," Tate Donovan (Jimmy Cooper) said, pointing toward Dale. "It's a bit of a mystery to me, but you've gotta do what's written."

Perhaps Donovan's character won't have as much to be jealous about after all. "I walk down the aisle, but does it really happen? Who's having second thoughts?" Clarke asked with a wink while producer McG walked up behind her. "And who's this McG guy? And what's up with that name?"

"I know, so arrogant," McG deadpanned.

Clarke was all smiles Tuesday but said shooting the wedding scene on a cold cliff was not as enjoyable as it might sound. "It's not nearly as fun as your own wedding," she said. "You have to wear the dress but you don't get to have the reception and the drinks."

The wedding was delightful for singer Jem (see "Jem Out To Make People Forget All About The Holograms"), who made her acting debut in the scene, singing Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed."

"I was really flattered they asked, even though I never imagined I would be a wedding singer," Jem said Tuesday as she walked along the white carpet in front of Falcon. "It's my first red carpet — and it's white," she added with a laugh.

With the season wrapped, all of the cast members are planning long vacations. Not that the actors aren't excited about returning for season two.

"I just want my character to continue to be three-dimensional," McKenzie said. "Bring him a little bit away from the bad boy, brooding thing we've created and show more of his different sides — his sensitive side, romantic side, comedic side, ambitious side, intellectual side — give me plenty of stuff to play with as an actor."

"I like what they've been doing," Brody said. "I wouldn't change anything, except if we could have Seth move to L.A. — say, Hollywood — and build a set a block from my house. I would like to see that happen."

A few minutes later, while Brody and McKenzie posed for pictures, a tattooed young man drove by in a pickup and shouted profanities at the cast.

On "The O.C." it might have started a fight, but Tuesday it was just something else to laugh at.