Dead Prez Member Arrested For Bringing The Noise

MC and friends refuse to remove their headphones on flight., from the rap duo Dead Prez, was arrested for simple assault Sunday at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

According to a spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department, the MC (otherwise known as Clayton Gavin) was arrested for causing a disturbance aboard a United Airlines flight — before the plane had even left the terminal. He continued to use a Walkman or similar electronic device after a flight attendant asked him to put it away.

Dead Prez's DJ Umi Bem Niilampti and another rapper, D-Don (a.k.a. Harris DeJesus), were arrested on the same charge.

Music emanating from at least one of the men's headphones was audible to other passengers, according to the police report. When they refused to remove the headphones after a flight attendant asked them to do so, a heated discussion ensued. The men were asked to leave the plane but did not, so the other passengers deplaned and police entered the cabin.

After the men were removed, the passengers re-boarded the plane and the flight continued on to its destination in New York.

All three men are scheduled to appear in misdemeanor court May 5. Dead Prez's label rep did not return calls by press time.