Amy Adams From 'Idol' Talks About Leno, John Stevens

Singer talks about experience on show, positive effects of losing.

Even though her performances largely impressed the judges, Amy Adams, a 24-year-old makeup artist from Bakersfield, California, was the third contestant voted off "American Idol."

Q: When your name was called, the camera repeatedly focused on John Stevens' face. He looked so sad.

Amy Adams: Well, John and I are really good friends. We were from the get-go, even in the top 100. I think, as sad as I was to leave, he was just as sad to see me go. I mean, you have to think — he's 16, I'm 24. I've got a couple of years on him and it's very, very different. I look at some of the people in the competition now, a lot of the younger ones, and I think to myself, "Would I have been able to maintain their strength and their consistency in the competition?" I don't know if I could say that I could when I was their age. I did kind of feel bad for him, even though I was the one leaving. I guess that kind of sounds weird.

Q: How did you feel when Simon said you look like Jay Leno's sister?

Adams: Initially, just kind of shocked, because he said I looked like Jay Leno. Then he clarified, 'No, you look like his sister.' That, I was OK with. I wasn't sure if he was implying that I looked like a man or that I look like I could be related, but now we know what's going on so I'm OK with it.

Q: After you were eliminated, Simon came up onstage to give you a big hug. What did he say to you?

Adams: He just said, "Your personality and your quality as a person, definitely you shine." He said, "We're going to miss your personality — we really, really are."

Q: You praised the judges for being good at what they do. Did you act on anything that they said?

Adams: The first week of the top 12 they said, "Have a little bit more fun. Show your personality a bit more and don't choose things that are so safe." The following week I went out with "Sin Wagon" and it was voted one of the best performances.

Q: Which judge offered the best advice?

Adams: I would probably have to say Randy. He brings things to your attention. Paula is ever-amazing and supportive, and Simon was generally speechless with me and I don't know why.


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Q: Do you think there's really a pink-hair curse?

Adams: I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, if the pink-hair curse is in the TV show "American Idol," I'm not worried, because I'm not on that show anymore.

Q: Looking at Clay Aiken or even what's happened to William Hung, do you think being a loser on "American Idol" might not be such a bad thing?

Adams: You know, going out early in the competition, I don't think it's a bad thing. People are using the term "robbed," like, "You were robbed." If they think that about me now, when I come back into their lives later, with whatever I choose to do, they're going to be happy to see me. But if I just kind of faded away, then people would just be like, "She was the girl that was voted off." But I feel like I'm on top of my game and when I do come around it's going to be a bigger and better thing.

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