Twista Fast-Talks His Way Into A Sting Video

Remix of 'Stolen Car' should surface in a couple of weeks, he says.

Even before a million-plus fans decided to stop frontin' and collectively buy one of his albums, Twista's peers in the industry knew he was nice. That hasn't changed. He continues to be one of the most called-upon rappers for guest appearances.

What has switched up some is the type of artist Twist is collaborating with. He has a song out now with reggae artist Elephant Man, and recently Chi-Town's fastest flow spitter got the nod from Sting and the quiet-as-of-late group the Prodigy (see "Prodigy Push Album Release Date Back — Way Back").

"They been chilling like me, putting together an album, and now they about to bust on the scene," Twista said Friday about a cut called "I Hate You" that he recorded for the group's upcoming LP. "It's crazy that we would have something in common [like lying low for a while] and hook up together and bust back out. That track is off the chain. Wait till you hear it."

Twista isn't sure when "I Hate You" will see the light of day, but he expects a remix of Sting's "Stolen Car" that he raps on to surface in the next couple of weeks.

"The Sting cut is crazy too," he said with a smile. "I basically rewrote the lyrics for 'Stolen Car.' I described his same story about the young guy stealing the car and he's having visions about the guy whose car he stole. It turns out to be a businessman, and the rich businessman is doing a few things he shouldn't be doing."

Despite having rubbed elbows with some of hip-hop's elite, including P. Diddy, Lil' Kim and Jay-Z, Twista got a little star-struck while shooting the video for "Stolen Car" with Sting.

"For one of the scenes he was singing his part and I'm doing my part in the car next to him. It was real exciting to me," said Twista, who steals a car in the clip. "I'm [sitting there] like, 'Look where we came [from]. I'm doing this? This guy was in the Po-lice. We're doing a record together.' It's off the chain."

Committing felonies aside, the round-faced MC said no video pulls on his heartstrings like the one for his current single, "Overnight Celebrity." Maybe because the song uses a sample of the 1975 Lenny Williams song "Cause I Love You," a record that conjures up memories Twista held dear.

"It's a song that my mother used to bump a lot when I was a shorty," he said. "I knew it was a real passionate song. My man Lenny Williams put his foot in it. We had to flip that [sample for my song] and really do something for the ladies — let them know we're doing things. 'If you're feeling down, come kick it with your boy. I can make you a celebrity overnight. Take some pictures, relieve some stress.' "

When he isn't making guest appearances, Twista is hard at work laying down verses for mixtapes and the next official album from his group the Speedknot Mobstaz, which also includes Liffy Stokes and Mayz. He hopes to have that project, a follow-up to the trio's 1998 disc, Mobstability, out by year's end. Another solo opus is planned for early 2005.

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