Bow Wow Barking Up Donald Trump's Tree

Teenage rapper/actor getting into real estate business.

LOS ANGELES — It's safe to say Bow Wow has different interests than most 17-year-olds.

"I've been interested in real estate, that's like my hobby now," Bow Wow said at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. "Just buy a lot of property, buy a lot of buildings, and not only that, but bring in different stores. Actually, I want to bring a Von Dutch store down to the Lenox Square mall, which is the biggest mall in the city of Atlanta."

Bow Wow also plans to open his own clothing store, called Fly, selling "all the hot stuff."

Becoming the next Donald Trump might not be so easy, though, as Bow Wow has other loves dipping into his time — mainly rapping and acting.

On the music front, he's about to hit the studio with his original mentor, Jermaine Dupri, who sat out Bow Wow's last album. "We going back old-school, man," Bow Wow said. "I'm even thinking about growing my braids back."

Bow Wow has plans to reunite with another early hero as well. "I definitely wanna get Snoop back on it," he said. "And DMX and Usher. I have the opportunity to really work with a variety of different types of artists and what they bring, so I definitely will."

As for acting, he's hopes to shoot "Mr. Prez" soon (see "Bow Wow For 'President'?"), and he just signed on for his own UPN sitcom. "Right now we're in the early, early stages," he said. "I'm still meeting with the bigwigs."

Meanwhile, Bow Wow's latest movie, "Johnson Family Vacation," opens Friday (April 9). Cedric the Entertainer, Vanessa Williams and Solange Knowles star in the movie, a sort of urban update of the Chevy Chase classic "National Lampoon's Vacation."

"The kids are always up to something, fighting or [whatever], so it has its comparisons, but this is the new-millennium-type version," Bow Wow said. "Hopefully we'll be able to do a lot of sequels to this. Perhaps the 'Johnson Family Vacation to the 'Hood' or something."

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