Get Ready To Change Clothes: New Jay-Z Kicks On The Way

S. Carter II and retro S. Carter Tennis hitting stores this summer.

Just as industry observers are citing Jay-Z for helping make Reebok sneakers cool again, Hova is getting ready to serve up a new batch of his signature S. Carter kicks.

A Bloomberg News story published Wednesday cites fashion industry analysts who say the shoemaker's ventures with Jay-Z and 50 Cent have helped turn around the Reebok brand. A company once known for its women's aerobic workout shoe now has a line of shoes, the S. Carter venture between Reebok's RBK line and Jay-Z, that outsells any shoes by Nike or Adidas.

Looking to extend his success, Jay is prepping two new shoes for the summer. The S. Carter II will be released June 11, featuring a curvier look and new color schemes: white/green/red and white/navy/red for men, white/carbon/orange for women.

Jay also hopes to ace his sneaker competition with the retro-styled S. Carter Tennis shoe. It will drop a few weeks later on the Fourth of July and, of course, will be available in red/white/royal blue. Other color combinations for the tennis sneaker will be navy/white and black/green/red for men, and white/winery/navy and gray/bluelight/white for women.

The shoes are expected to retail for $80-$100.