Avril On Her Ex: 'He Just Wanted To Go Do His Own Thing'

Singer plans tour with new guitarist, Craig Wood, this fall.

LOS ANGELES — Avril Lavigne offered a simple explanation for the departure of rhythm guitarist and ex-boyfriend Jesse Colburn at Saturday's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, where she also debuted his replacement.

"He just wanted to go do his own thing and stuff, and I mean, that happens," Lavigne said, while standing on the orange carpet outside the event (see "Outkast Win Big, Olsen Twins Slimed At Kids' Choice Awards"). "So we got this guy Craig from another band we toured with, and he wanted to come out with us. And he's great. It was cool because we already knew him and we'd already toured with him."

That would be Craig Wood, former bassist for Canadian punk band Gob (see "Avril's Ex-Boyfriend Now Her Ex-Bandmate Too"). Lavigne is currently playing acoustic shows with Evan Taubenfeld, her other guitarist, at malls across America (see "Avril Lavigne Sells New Songs At Mall Tour Opener"), but Wood will regroup with the singer in June when the full band heads to Europe for festival dates.

"Later in the summer, I'll be doing radio shows and TV shows and stuff, but I won't do an actual tour until like September, October, November. And then all of 2005 [will be] like a huge headlining tour," Lavigne explained. "I'm really excited about that 'cause that's my favorite part."

Avril and her band performed "Don't Tell Me," her new single (see "Avril Lavigne Just Lets Go In 'Don't Tell Me' Video"), on Saturday as well as at Sunday's Juno Awards in Canada, although she's already looking forward to her next single.

"It'll probably be a song called 'My Happy Ending' or 'He Wasn't,' " Lavigne said. "'Don't Tell Me' is one of the lighter, more poppier, radio-friendly songs on the record. But the record is a lot different. I mean, you can't really tell what the record's like from listening to the single on the radio."

The album, Under My Skin, is due May 25 (see "Avril Lavigne Album Preview: Rock Rules On Under My Skin").

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