C-Murder Granted New Trial In Second-Degree Murder Case

Rapper would have faced mandatory sentence of life in prison.

C-Murder scored a major victory Tuesday when he was granted a new second-degree murder trial six months after being found guilty.

Louisiana State District Judge Martha Sassone made the ruling after defense lawyer Ron Rakosky argued prosecutors withheld information about witnesses having criminal records and getting special consideration in exchange for testimony against C-Murder (see "C-Murder Lawyers To Request New Trial").

One of two witnesses who identified C-Murder as the gunman in the January 12, 2002, murder of 16-year-old aspiring rapper Steve Thomas outside a Louisiana nightclub apparently has a long list of theft convictions, including one felony.

Sassone scheduled a hearing for Monday to determine whether the rapper, who is Master P's brother, should be released on bail, according to wire reports.

C-Murder, who faced a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole, has been behind bars since his arrest January 19, 2002 (see "C-Murder Arrested, Charged With Murder")

During the trial, Rakosky presented nine witnesses who said they did not see C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, pull the trigger or participate in Thomas' beating (see "C-Murder Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder, Receives Life Sentence")

Prosecutors have said they were unaware of the witnesses backgrounds and will appeal any decision granting a new trial.