J. Lo's Mom Reportedly Wins $2.4 Million Jackpot

Matriarch copped coin in Atlantic City slot win, AP reports.

Apparently Jennifer Lopez isn't the only multimillion-dollar

earner in her family.

J. Lo's mother, Guadalupe Lopez, reportedly made a considerable

contribution to the family kittie on Saturday when she hit a $2.4

million jackpot on a slot machine at Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel

Casino & Spa.

The 58-year-old New Yorker pocketed $2,421,291.76 while playing Wheel

of Fortune-themed slots, casino spokesman Michael Facenda told the

Associated Press. Facenda denied any knowledge of the jackpot

winner's maternal ties to superstar J. Lo, but People and Us

Weekly magazines make the connection in upcoming issues.

The Lopez family matriarch plans to use some of her winnings to set up

a $100,000 college fund for her grandchildren, according to Us

Weekly, but chances are no one in the clan's going to be hurting

for cash any time soon.

Spokespeople for Jennifer Lopez were not available for comment.

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