Mixtape Mondays: DJ Big Mike, Jimmy Jones, Fat Joe, D-Block, Bow Wow

Consistency continues with mixtape sequel to last week's Dead

Artist: DJ Big Mike

Mixtape: Dead or Alive Part 2

Representing: Connecticut

The 411:Big Mike continues his consistency and follows up last

week's Dead or Alive with a mixtape sequel.

Joints to check for:

  • "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" by Fat Joe and Remy Martin - Whoever thought the

    Terror Squad was dead needs to take a real close listen to Joe and

    Remy's instant street anthem. "Still n---as wanna go against Crack, but

    that's like Earl Boykins going against Shaq," raps Stephon Marbury's

    rotund best bud and the Squad's Presidente, while Remy backs up her

    Bronx compatriot with her brass-knuckle-braggadocio barrage of lyrics.

  • "Respect" by D-Block - It's Sheek Louch, J-Hood and Styles P paying

    homage to Notorious B.I.G. by spitting over Big's track for "Respect."

    Sheek, who on this freestyle may be the first MC to reference Dave

    Chappelle's now-legendary Rick James skit, proclaims that Biggie is

    still the king and that rappers should "kiss the ring of his dead


  • "Live From Fight Club" by Remy Martin Vs. Lady Luck - Fight is

    actually a weekly gathering in New York where MCs battle for cheddar.

    These women prove ain't nothin' sweet about the new generation of

    female lyricists, and ain't nothin' sacred in this battle for bragging

    rights and five Gs. Rem and Luck threaten parents and each other and

    downplay one another's rhyme prowess. "I thought Amil was trash, but

    G--damn Ma, your flow is worse," Luck raps in one verse.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • DJ Clue's Thee American Idol Part 2

  • DJ Warrior and King Tech's Ill Street Dues II: Coast to Coast

  • DJ Exclusive's Luthaism

  • DJ Killatone's Out of Pain Comes Glory

  • Icarus' The Crowning

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

  • Fat Joe and Remy Martin - "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"

  • J-Kwon featuring Chingy and Murphy Lee - "Tipsy (Remix)"

  • CNN featuring Thugged Out Militainment - "Boom"

  • Pastor Troy - "I'm Ridin' Big"

  • N.E.R.D. featuring Common, Q-Tip, Mos Def and De La Soul - "She

    Wants to Move (Remix)"

Celebrity Favs

Bow Wow, caked-up teen titan and star of the upcoming "Johnson Family

Vacation," loves the drama. "My favorite mixtapes are by Kay Slay the

Drama King, 'cause he always drops the hot new exclusives you've never

heard. He's even got me on one of his tapes."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Diplomat capo Jimmy Jones is fast-tracking his debut LP, Jim Jones

the Ghetto's Advocate on the Way to Church. We've been hearing Jim

rap here and there ever since his boy Cam'ron came on the scene in

1998, but now we're going to get the full picture. "You'll get the

whole progression from hustling. ... Rap is so cliché, but

everybody has their own story. I came up hard," Jim said last week,

sitting in his Manhattan office. "I'm just trying to put my story out

there. You know, there were times I was not going home for four days

straight, not showering for three days straight because I was on a

serious grind. [On the album] I'm talking about all the hopelessness,

the baby mothers, the fathers not there."

The first big serving of angst Jim is serving comes via "Certified

Gangsters," which features Game and Cam'ron. (Lil' Flip is on a remix.)

"A certified gangster is like Geronimo Pratt, Che Guevara, John Gotti,

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King," Jones explained. "Anybody that's about

that business, that real business, making a mark. It ain't have to be

good, it ain't have to be bad, but it's about being a strong, powerful

person. It ain't about love, it's about the respect factor."

Jones and company shot the video in Carson, California, a few weeks

ago. "It was the Boo Yaa Tribe that let me do the video in their old

'hood," J.J. said. "The whole video was their houses, their backyards,

their LoLos, their warehouses. They showed me nothing but love. The

real players from Cali, the certified gangstas showed me what was

good." Aside from the Tribe, real street figures such as Bone, who

acted in "Training Day," also appears, as does the son of Eazy-E.

While Jones doesn't have a concrete release date for his LP, he does

have a slew of guests lined up to lend vocals to the project, including

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Rell and Fiend.

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