Avril's Ex-Boyfriend Now Her Ex-Bandmate Too

Jesse Colburn has left to pursue new interests.

When Avril Lavigne embarks on a full-fledged tour after her mall tour concludes April 15, fans may notice something different, and it's not just the black streaks in her hair.

Jesse Colburn, Avril's rhythm guitarist and ex-boyfriend, has left her band to pursue other interests, according to Lavigne's manager. Colburn has been with Lavigne since she first hit the road to support her 2002 debut, Let Go.

Craig Wood, bassist for Canadian punk band Gob, will replace Colburn. His first show with Lavigne, drummer Matt Brann, bassist Charlie Moniz and guitarist Evan Taubenfeld will be at Sunday's 2004 Juno Awards in Edmonton, Alberta. Lavigne is nominated for two awards, the Fan Choice Award and Music DVD of the Year for "My World."

While in Atlanta on the Top Secret Mall Tour, Lavigne held auditions for Colburn's spot, but no one apparently could trump the talents of Wood, whom Lavigne witnessed on a daily basis when Gob opened for her on last year's tour.

Meanwhile, Gob will be looking for a new bassist as they prepare to record their follow-up to last year's Foot in Mouth Disease.

Following the mall tour's conclusion in Houston, Lavigne plans to head overseas. A North American tour is expected this fall.