Mixtape Mondays: DJ Kay Slay, G-Unit, Usher, Kanye West, Brandy

Harlem Streetsweeper ups fav cuts from new LP.

Artist: DJ Kay Slay

Mixtape: The Streetsweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From the Game

Representing: Harlem, New York

The 411: "This album isn't like a lot of albums coming out

today," Slay said of his second official LP. "We're in a crisis of good

music. Most albums have hot videos for one song [the single]. The

average album, you'll hear three or four records you like and hate the

other 14.  My album is a consumer's dream. We have a lot of real hot records up there."

Although The Pain From the Game is officially being sold in

stores, it still has the diverse mixtape flavor Slay always brings.

Eminem, G-Unit, the Diplomats, Twista, Lil' Flip, Obie Trice, Memphis

Bleek and Jaheim are just some of the names who contributed to the



Other mixtape picks

Slay is currently in negotiations to shoot a video for the

album's second single, "Not Your Average Joe" by Fat Joe, Joe Budden

and Joe. ("Who Gives a ... Where You From" by Three 6 Mafia was the

lead cut.)

Joints to check for - The Drama King himself speaks about three

of his favorite cuts on the LP:

  • "Face Off" by Ghostface and Scarface - "Ghostface is my favorite

    rapper. He's a brother whose music I could always feel the realness [of

    in his verses]. Scarface is a brother who I listened to when I was

    getting back into the music game. He has hard lyrics and a hard tone.

    When he raps, I could feel it in my veins."

  • "The Truth" by LL Cool J - "LL broke down the whole street game and

    music game from the '80s era to the present stage it's in now."

  • "Angels Around Me" by G-Unit - "I like the energy of the record. It

    reminds me of their song 'Gangsta Sh--.' It's a realistic street

    record. Young Buck sets it off, then comes Lloyd [Banks] and 50. It's a

    balanced joint."

    Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

    • DJ Big Mike's Dead or Alive Part 1
    • DJ Lt. Dan/Chops/Kanye's Changing Lanes
    • DJ Graffiti's Bling Free Vol. 3
    • Talib Kweli's The Beautiful Mixtape

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

    • Usher featuring Jadakiss - "Throwback (Remix)"
    • Jim Jones featuring Game and Cam'ron - "Certified Gangstas"
    • Brandy featuring Kanye West - "Talk About Our Love"
    • Lil' Wayne - "Bring It Back"
    • The Diplomats - "My Posse's on Broadway"  

      Celebrity Favs

      Jermaine Dupri has once again proved that the youth is to be seen and

      heard — his teen act J-Kwon has the #3 song in the country with

      "Tipsy." The head of So So Def and boyfriend to Janet Jackson says: "My

      favorite mixtape right now is Snoop Dogg's Welcome 2 Tha Chuuch ...

      [Vol. 5]. Snoop isn't rapping over the same beats as everybody


      The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

      One of the hottest records to be put on the mixtapes this week has to

      be the street remix to Usher's Just Blaze-produced "Throwback."  While

      on the album version, Usher laments about lost love all by his lonely,

      the streets are eating up a reworking of the record where Jadakiss

      chimes in with his own brokenhearted thug second-guessing. "I'm wishing

      we could throw back to that exact spot where we found L.O.V.E. at,"

      Kiss raps. "I lose some and I lose again, when I gonna win some? I said

      a lot of things outta anger but I meant some." Last week in NYC, Mr.

      Entertainment said he was not aware of any remix with Kiss rapping on

      it, but he did say he catered to Jada's hometown of New York while

      constructing the cut with Blaze this past Valentine's Day. "It ain't

      just a normal R&B record," Usher said. "I'mma give you an explanation

      of what I felt when I heard it. You know how Puff and Mary [J. Blige]

      got together and Mary has always had that realness that identifies with

      a hip-hop audience and R&B audience at the same time? ['Throwback'] is

      that. That record really has a New York feel to it." ...

      We all know that Queens' Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is one of the most

      viable artists in the game today. We've heard a million times about his

      rise from the gutter to fame and fortune. A DVD is in the works that

      also tells the story of 50 Cent — not the rapper, but the

      legendary street figure from Brooklyn. Record executive/manager Jimmy

      Henchman's Infamous Films Inc. is currently finishing up the first

      edition of a 'hood-meets-"60 Minutes" video series called "Infamous

      Times." The introductory episode tells us about the life and times of

      Kelvin "50 Cent" Martin. "The original 50 Cent was one of Brooklyn's

      most ruthless and fearless individuals and someone I knew well as a

      youth," Henchman said. "We felt a need to tell his unique story and

      allow the fans to truly understand the origins of the legend who

      inspired the biggest name in rap." Through interviews with 50's family,

      friends, gangster peers, former enemies and even the chart-topping 50

      Cent ("He was very helpful," Henchman said), "Infamous Times" examines

      not only Martin's notorious street background, but also his intimate

      family life. The DVD will also take an in-depth look at Bloods in

      Brooklyn, the wholesale drug trade in New York's Washington Heights,

      new handgun silencers and automobile bulletproofing. ...

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