Mobb Deep Blinded With '80s Science For 'Twisted' Beat

Duo sample Thomas Dolby track; Amerikaz Nightmare due June 8.

"When I'm dancing close to her/ I can smell the chemicals ... Science!"

Timbaland and Pharrell Williams? Yes. Kanye West? Wouldn't be a shocker. But Havoc from Mobb Deep? Never on your life. It's hard to believe that the producer/MC was a fan of nerdy '80s star Thomas Dolby. But Havoc, one-half of the masters of murder music, was indeed.

"Yeah, when I was younger, I would play it all the time," Hav said recently in NYC about Dolby's hit "She Blinded Me With Science," where the singer lusted after the beautiful Miss Sakamoto. Now Havoc and his partner, Prodigy, are hoping that a whole new generation will fall in love with Dolby's nightmarish bassline and party synths. The duo sample the track in their new single, "Got It Twisted."

"Back in the days, it was a big record," Hav said. "It's going to be a big record again."

The Queensbridge native also gave high praise to the song's producer. "You know I don't share my production too much with people, but Alchemist, he's like family," Hav said. "When he played the track for us, it was like off top, I knew we had to write something to that. You listen to a lot of tracks and some of them just jump out on you, and that was one of those tracks. Bow! It's got a party edge to it, a little dance track you can get off to, but it's still dark."

"It's just like your basic Mobb song," Prodigy chipped in, "going at the ladies, going at the fake-ass [rappers] out there. Word."

"Got It Twisted" is one of the slew of new tracks the Mobb have recorded in the past few months. They also have tracks in the can with Kanye West and Nelly. In the video, P and Hav go in a club looking a beautiful mystery woman and come across more than they bargained for.

"Basically the video is about me and P taking a wrong turn and getting lost somewhere," Havoc described. "We're in the land of some Latin gangbangers, and we go in this club and we mess with the women, we're drinking, trying to have some fun, they snatch us up. They think we're there trying to pick up some money, but we're not actually the people to pick up the money. They give us the money and we bounce."

Benny Boom directed the clip, and Kurupt and Danny Trejo ("From Dusk Till Dawn," "XXX") make guest appearances.

Mobb Deep's Amerikaz Nightmare is due June 8 and will include a DVD of uncut videos. Before then, the duo will drop two new mixtapes on the street. The New Mobb Deep is out now, and in the next couple of weeks they plan to release a DJ Clue-hosted street CD where they rap over all West Coast beats.

"A lot of Pac's beats, a lot of the Dogg Pound, Ice Cube, Mack 10, rhyming over their beats, just killing it," Prodigy said of the mixtape.