Mixtape Mondays: Mobb Deep, Snoop, Nas, Beyonce, Memphis Bleek

Queensbridge duo return with The New Mobb Deep.

Artist: Mobb Deep

Mixtape: The New Mobb Deep

Representing: New York's Queensbridge Projects

The 411: "What's M-O-B-B without Loud [Records]?" A tad bit "louder," according to duo of Havoc and Prodigy. The gruesome twosome are dropping their Jive Records debut, Amerikaz Nightmare, on June 8, and no one can deny they've got their swagger back. For The New Mobb Deep, Queensbridge's infamous heat holders didn't have to reach too far, enlisting one of their clique, producer Alchemist, and fellow Queens native DJ Whoo Kid. But instead of reinventing themselves as the title suggests, we get Hav and P in vintage form, tormenting adversaries via a bevy of freestyles, new tracks and previously unreleased songs.

Joints to check for:

  • "Runnin for Cover" featuring Snoop Dogg - G's up! The Mobb make their Westside connection with the king of Cali, speaking of their clout while Snoop slides in with another one of his seemingly effortless flows, preaching how he can change a girl's life for the better. Chuuch and tabernacle!
  • "There That Go" - If it weren't for the in-your-face threats of leaving some sucka MC in a pool of blood, you could almost get lost in Alchemist's dawdling soundscape. To have such commanding producers as Al and Havoc on one team almost isn't fair.
  • "?" - A hidden track on a mixtape? What is the game coming to? We won't blow up Whoo Kid's spot and ruin the surprise, but we'll tell you that one of the album's highlights is coming out of "da 'B-b-bridge," but it's not courtesy of Mobb Deep. And when you listen to this secret goodie, make sure you carefully digest the second verse. It's a clinic on lyricism.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • DJ Kay Slay's Why Ask Why? Ask How!!!
  • Lights Out Productions' Nasir Jones: Carry the Cross
  • J. Armz's How to Be an MC #17 (Instrumentals)
  • DJ Envy's The Big Game 4: March Madness 2004

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

  • Nas - "Star Wars"
  • Lil' Wayne - "Bring It Back"
  • Young Gunz featuring Rell - "No Better Love (Remix)"
  • Talib Kweli - "Lonely People"
  • DJ Kay Slay featuring Eminem and Obie Trice - "I'm Gone"

Celebrity Favs

Lil' Flip, the freestyle king of Houston, who's dropping his second major-label LP, You Gotta Feel Me, on March 30: "My favorite mixtape right now is [Invasion] Part Three by DJ Green Lantern. Besides me contributing two songs, Lantern is one of my favorite mixtape DJs because you can tell he really takes time with the mixes on his CDs."

Copped That Disk: Most Mixtapes Sold

For the week of March 16-22

This week's figures from Hanif, a bootlegger on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan

  1. DJ Cutmaster C - 60 Minute Shootout
  2. DJ Famous - The Official Best of Lloyd Banks

  3. DJ Cutmaster C - The Best of Jadakiss

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

The hottest chick in the game, who coincidentally is proud to sport Jay-Z's chain around her neck — we're talking about Beyoncé, of course — has been heavy on the mixtapes the past few weeks with different versions of her "Naughty Girl" remix. If you look at the track listings on various street CDs, names like Lil' Kim, Redman, Rah Digga and Joe Budden have been popping up as featured guests on the song. Well, B's camp said all of those remixes are unofficial. The one person who you will hear on an official "Naughty Girl" remix is her Columbia Records labelmate Lil' Flip. ... Another person Jay is synonymous with being inseparable from is Memphis Bleek. The Memph Man and Jay have once again laid verses down together, this time for a remix version of Bleek's "Round Here." Originally Memphis wanted Foxy Brown to jump in with some of her rhymes, but things didn't work out. So Jay's capo has made the call to his labelmates M.O.P. to fill in the void. ... Suge Knight has been telling his friends and business associates that he hopes to get out jail in April, and he's already planning his first order of business once he gets out. It'll be the next solo LP from Kurupt. ... Meanwhile, Kurupt's onetime close running mate Daz is working on his So So Def debut. ...

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