Sharon Osbourne Hired For TV Job, Fired From Decorating Gig

Osbourne matriarch to premiere live, late-night talk show in England.

HOLLYWOOD — When the cancellation of "The Sharon Osbourne Show" was announced in February, the host suggested that TV might not have seen the last of her.

"What you can't have, you want," she told MTV News at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy bash. "So I'll probably start pining for it again."

Barely a month later, Osbourne has signed on for her return — but not in America. "I'm doing a series for Channel 4 in England," she said recently. "I'm going over to do 13 weeks at the end of September."

The as-yet-untitled, live talk show will have similarities to "The Sharon Osbourne Show," but a few major differences as well.

"It's for late night, and in Europe you can do anything on TV. It's like cable TV here, you're not restricted at all," she said.

In the meantime, Osbourne's show will continue airing through September on the WB. Actors Michael Imperioli (from "The Sopranos"), Peter Gallagher and Suzanne Somers are among her guests this week.

"My God, I've learned so much," Sharon said of the show. "Ozzy said to me, 'You've gone through the best schooling ever.' I got paid for it, and I loved every minute of it."

Along with her new show, Sharon is also organizing Ozzfest yet again (see "Judas Priest, Slayer, Slipknot To Join Ozzy On Ozzfest"). But although she's overseeing her husband's annual tour, their business relationship ends at the door to his recording studio.

"He's very territorial about his studio," Sharon said. "For instance, I went and got some cushions for his studio and he comes back and he's all, like, outraged and puffy-chested and he's spraying as he's talking and he's like, 'Who put those cushions in my studio?' And I'm like, 'I did.' And he's like, 'Never buy anything for my studio. That's my studio!' So he's very territorial. He has a lock on it with a code, so I can't get in there and the kids can't get in there. It's his thing."

Sharon said Ozzy has finished his musical on Rasputin (see "And The Tony Award Goes To ... Ozzy Osbourne?") and is "now starting to come up with ideas" for his next album.