Hilary Duff Works It With New LP, More Movies, Little Rest

Actress/singer admits keeping busy is an 'addiction.'

Hilary Duff is the first to admit it: She's a workaholic.

"There's days when I'm like, 'I can't do this anymore,' 'cause usually after work, I go work more in the studio or I go somewhere else, and on the weekends I work, but ... then when I do have a day off, I'm like, 'I feel so lazy and worthless,' " the singer and actress explained. "I'm like, 'I have to get to work!' I don't know, it's like an addiction."

And it's that addiction that has Duff starting another movie just after wrapping "Heart of Summer" (see "Hilary Duff Does Drama, Screams For Three Days Grace On 'Summer' Set").

The drama, "The Perfect Man," sees Duff reteaming with Mark Rosman, the director behind "A Cinderella Story," her next movie due in theaters.

"It's actually a true story that was written by a daughter who lived with her single mom forever," Duff said. "The mom, she was really scared to be alone, so she kept traveling around and meeting all these guys and they would take her to different cities, different places, and they would end up getting divorced or breaking up or he would end up being abusive or something like this."

Finally, sick of never having time to make friends, the daughter decides to take the matter into her own hands. "Her mission [becomes] to find her mom the perfect man," Duff said. "And she ends up doing it in like a city that she really loves and she meets a lot of new people."

Duff has also signed on for "Outward Blonde," about a stuck-up New York girl who is sent on an Outward Bound program. She plans to finish her second album before shooting begins, though. Fans can expect the LP in August, a year after Metamorphosis was released.

The singer will again work with her sister Haylie (see "Can't Get Enough Duff? Get Ready To Meet Haylie"), who wrote two songs for Metamorphosis.

"I had no idea that she could write, and all of a sudden one day she's like, 'Hey, I put some songs on your bed, go check 'em out,' " Duff recalled. "I'm like, 'Songs? What do you mean?' And I read them and I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' ... She's really great. I don't think I could do that; it seems so hard. But I do have a lot to say, and I have a lot going on inside that sometimes is buried and hidden because I'm working so hard, and I don't have time to think about it. But if we sit down and we talk about it and I tell her how I feel and she writes, it'll be good."

If what's currently in Duff's stereo is any indication, expect a little more of a pop-punk edge on her next LP, which she has promised would have more of a rock sound.

"I'm obsessed with Blink-182 right now," Duff said. "When I was on tour, one of my girlfriends came with me and she's totally — I used to be totally into pop music and then rap and that was it —  but she's a total punk listener, and hardcore rock, and she totally got me into it.

"But I listen to everything; I'm not picky," she added. "I listen to a lot of old stuff, because of my sister. So I like Janis Joplin a lot. I'm good friends with Simple Plan. We were on the road with them for a long time, so I love their music. And I like Good Charlotte and I really like Dashboard Confessionals."

It's actually Dashboard Confessional, not plural, but give her a break. She's tired.