Kanye Produces Brandy Single, Celebrates Platinum Dropout

Beatmaking MC just finished songstress' 'Talk About Our Love.'

NEW YORKThe College Dropout finally got to put on his graduation cap and tassel. On Thursday Kanye West donned commencement-ceremony headgear in jest at a surprise platinum party held in his honor at the club Nocturne.

Besides shipping 1 million units of his own project, West had even more reason to poke his chest out in pride. He'd just finished the production on "Talk About Our Love," the first single from Brandy's as-yet-untitled upcoming LP.

Atlantic Records isn't divulging much information on the record, except to note that West raps on the song and that it will hit the radio around the first week of April. Besides West, Brandy has also worked with producers Timbaland and Walter Millsap on her album.

Meanwhile, Kanye is keeping busy with his other peers. "I Want You," a record he produced for Janet Jackson, has hit the radio. The "Louis Vuitton Don" is also in the midst of trying to solidify a label home for his imprint, Very Good Music. His stable of artists will include Common, GLC, Consequence and John Legend, all of whom appear on The College Dropout.

At West's shindig in NYC on Thursday, the Chicago native was in top form, giving two speeches and rapping "Jesus Walks," "Slow Jamz" and "Through the Wire." The beatmaking MC was originally under the impression that he was attending a party for Damon Dash.

West was caught off guard when Joe Budden, Christina Milian and several employees from Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam were there to help him celebrate the success of The College Dropout.

The next single off the lauded opus will be "Jesus Walks." West has already filmed part of the track's video.

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