Ludacris Wants To Make A Video For Every Chicken Cut

No word on whether he'll be stripping down in those too.

In his latest two videos, Ludacris strips down to his bare butt and basically tells detractors to kiss it. As the popular ATL loudmouth tells it, he had no choice in either circumstance.

"That was the outlandish part," Cris said recently about his clip for "Splash Waterfalls." At the end of the video, Luda gives in to temptation and goes skinny-dipping.

"Don't act like you ain't never did that before," he laughed, sitting on his tour bus. "Whether it's a Jacuzzi or pool. That was me being me. You never know what to expect. I like to surprise people. I went left."

The video for "Southern Fried Intro/ Blow It Out" debuted last week on "TRL" and mostly focuses on performance footage shot in a grocery store.

"It's just to show a different side of myself and versatility," he said. "I try to be outlandish with videos and take it that extra step. That's what I did. Sometimes less is a lot more. We shot [that] video in a one-block radius and just used what we had, not a bunch of women shaking their ass. None of that stuff. It's just DTP, us being us. Me being me and straight-up lyrics."

Cris said fans forced him to put out the second video only a few weeks after "Splash Waterfalls" aired.

"I tell everybody that if it was up to me I would shoot a video for every song off the Chicken-N-Beer album," he beamed. "I had to do it, man. You go with the street buzz. Everybody tells me how much they love the intro to the album and 'Blow It Out.' [When I recorded it,] it was a time when a lot of political people and people on television were going against me. I'm here to let them know I built a strong foundation for myself and I ain't going nowhere. I felt I needed to do it."


Ludacris and DTP's tour photos

Luda is currently on tour with his Disturbing Tha Peace family, David Banner and Knoc-Turn'Al. He's working on his latest album, Red Light District (see "Ludacris Visits Red Light District On Upcoming Album"), and has also just completed a guest appearance on Dirt McGirt's upcoming LP as well as a posse cut with Redman and Ghostface that may appear on Red's next album.