Kelly Osbourne Revels In Freedom With The Matrix, Linda Perry On New LP

Youngest Osbourne glad to be off Epic Records.

The sound editor who bleeps for "The Osbournes" might want to follow Kelly Osbourne as she does interviews about leaving giant Epic Records for a smaller label.

"I don't have to write about boys and girls anymore, which is so good because I hate that sh--," Kelly said about her deal with Sanctuary Records. "Like, 'I don't want to like you/ You broke my heart and I hate you.' It's like, f--- that. [Sanctuary] is so much different. I get to have such a hand in what I do."

The youngest Osbourne is enjoying her newfound freedom as she works on her second album, due later in 2004.

"I'm going electronic with some heavy-ish stuff," she explained. "I just worked with the Matrix. I did a great song with them."

Kelly is also collaborating with Linda Perry, who recently collaborated with Osbourne's nemesis, Christina Aguilera.

"I don't even know why people care if I like [Christina] or not," Kelly said. "She gets so much publicity because I said I didn't like her that I wish I never said anything."

The as-yet-untitled album will also feature other big-name producers and collaborators, although Kelly is not ready to reveal them. "All my friends that I speak to, it's like, 'Oh you're doing another album, I want to work with you,' which is great," she said.

Shut Up, Kelly's debut, did not live up to its label's expectations, but her latest single, a duet with father Ozzy on a remake of Black Sabbath's "Changes" (see "Elton John Advises Kelly And Ozzy On Changing 'Changes' "), recently hit #1 in England.

"I was so excited," Kelly said. "That was like a dream come true and a big f--- you to everyone."

Along with her album, Osbourne is also shooting a pilot for ABC called "Doing It" (see "Kelly Osbourne 'Doing It' On Network TV"). "It's this teen-sex drama and I play the fat girl," she said.

The show has been described as a cross between "My So-Called Life" and "American Pie," although Kelly uses other points of reference. "It's kind of like 'Sex and the City' meets '[Beverly Hills] 90210.' "