DVD Of Neverland Party Seized From Home Of Jackson Associate

Details emerging about January search of record producer's residence.

New details have emerged about items seized during the January search of the home of Michael Jackson business associate Marc Schaffel, a record producer with ties to the porn industry.

According to court documents unsealed Monday, the bulk of the findings from the residence were from computer areas in the living room and garage as well as an upstairs room, with investigators seizing laptop and desktop computers, floppy discs, photographs, dozens of videotapes and a DVD of a Neverland party.

Among the other items taken were a message book, contracts, bills and miscellaneous documents, some from a locked closet in the bedroom. The court papers include notations next to the list of items taken — comments such as "Much of the paperwork contained in the folder was associated with Michael Jackson." Still, the documents were heavily edited, revealing mostly lists of seized items and leaving out much of the descriptions of those items.

Schaffel's Calabasas, California, home was searched for about an hour in late January while he was not home (see "Deputies Search Home Of Controversial Michael Jackson Associate"). The executive producer of Jackson's failed charity single "What More Can I Give" (see "Did Porn, Sony Or McDonald's Sink Jackson Charity Single?"), Schaffel was also behind "Take 2: The Interview They Didn't Show You," Jackson's rebuttal to British journalist Martin Bashir's eyebrow-raising "Living With Michael Jackson" documentary (see "Michael Jackson Strikes Back With 'Take Two' TV Special").

Investigators also combed the West Hills, California, home of Hamid Moslehi, Jackson's cameraman for "Take 2," seizing his computer and several videotapes on the same day as the Neverland Ranch search (see "New Allegations Spark Search Of Jackson's Neverland Ranch").

The documents released Monday also include separate warrants for phone records from five cell phone companies, though the numbers and reasons were omitted in the editing of the warrant, dated January 22, the same day Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada held a press conference saying he'd received death threats for speaking out about the case (see "Jackson Wanted Boy To Leave The Country, Family Friend Says"). Masada had said he reported to authorities the calls he received, one to his unlisted cell number and another at the comedy club, but he did not accuse anyone in Jackson's camp.

Also noted within the unsealed documents is that detectives are having difficulty getting information from hard drives seized in the Neverland Ranch search and are requesting authorization to have the FBI assist them.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson's new Web site, www.mjjsource.com, became operational Monday.

"I have become disturbed and troubled as a result of people speaking on my behalf whom I do not know," the singer said in a statement on the site. "For months, I have listened to reports that are inaccurate because they are based on hearsay, not facts. I have also listened, with amazement, to people who have misrepresented their relationships with me. I will use this site as one of the mediums for speaking out on my own behalf."

There will be a subscription fee to use the site.

Masada and Schaffel did not return calls for comment.

For full coverage of the Michael Jackson case, see "Michael Jackson Accused."

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