Tyra Banks Models Debut Dance Track On Reality Show

'America's Next Top Model' episode concludes with video of 'Shake Ya Body.'

Supermodel Tyra Banks probably doesn't need a new gig, especially one as risky and unforgiving as pop star, but she's never been one for resting on her lovely laurels.

Last week she debuted the video for her first single at the end of her UPN reality TV show, "America's Next Top Model." "Shake Ya Body" — a dance track produced by Grammy winner Rodney Jerkins — features a hard-breathing, booty-shaking Tyra, the show's six remaining contestants and a bevy of boys gyrating in stylized club scenes.

Though fans might be surprised by Banks' new venture, she said it's been in the works for a while.

"Singing has been a passion of mine for a long time," Banks said. "For six years, I'd be ducking in and out of the studio on the down low, cuttin' tracks, doing it all. But I feel like if you're not ready to show the world what you're doing, don't say nothin', so I haven't said anything. But now I'm ready."

Banks has neither announced a record deal nor plans to complete an album. Her single is available for download at upn.com.