Bow Wow Takes Break To Bolster Grades Before Summer Tour

Rapper also has movie hitting theaters; DJ Kay Slay, Omarion tracks in store.

Rapping and acting have afforded Bow Wow many of life's finer things. But with his bread stacked up, the teenager is taking time off to pursue more "important" things — like school.

"It's going good," Bow Wow said about his hiatus following a recent meeting with one of his teachers. "I'm concentrating on school right now. All that work and everything can come later. I have other dreams besides acting and music. I'm trying to knuckle down and focus on what's really important: grades."

Bow has been performing a few spot dates here and there, but he's enjoying life out of the spotlight while he plans his next professional move.

"It's a big relief," he said. "You do photo shoots and interviews so much, getting three weeks off is like a blessing for artists. It's like a vacation, the most peaceful time you can possibly have. Some people like to work a lot, but the majority of artists would love to have time off. Going to photo shoots every day gets boring after a while.

"We've been talking about another album, but I don't see it happening no time soon," he added. "Right now it's the regular life. What's really important is my school and knuckling down, man. I'm getting older every second. I'm getting ready for college."

If it sounds like Bow Wow is bowing out of stardom, the 16-year-old said that's far from the case. He reads new scripts every day, and his next film, "Johnson Family Vacation," hits theaters April 26. Bow begins shooting "Mr. Prez" in late spring before hitting the road again.

"Nah, I'm not trying to pull a Jay-Z on y'all," he laughed. "I'll let y'all know when I'm done. I'm just trying to concentrate on other things. [I'm] definitely doing a big summer tour. We have artists but it's not confirmed yet. I'mma be kinda mad myself if I say who it is and the person don't hop on the tour. But we definitely have a roster."

He'll probably have a new song out by the summer to perform during his outing, but Bow Wow doesn't expect to release any more cuts from his Unleashed CD after dropping only two singles.

"It's a lot of commotion and different things going on right now," he offered concerning the album's fade. "I don't wanna say with which companies."

Bow said he wouldn't be on the "Johnson Family Vacation" soundtrack album. But he'll be featured on DJ Kay Slay's upcoming The Streetsweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From the Game, and there's a spot for him on Omarion's solo LP.

"Oh yeah, [Bow Wow]'s really a close friend of mine," Omarion confirmed. "Definitely looking for my boy to be on the album."

"Me and him are like best friends, so I told him I'll hop on his album," Bow said. "We got a couple of surprises for everybody."

Although Bow Wow hasn't decided which college he'll attend when he graduates from high school next year, it will have to have a great basketball program. Bow wants to play professionally.

"Get ready to wear Bow Wow basketball jerseys," he proclaimed. "I'm going to the NBA. Get ready for that too."