Paper In 50 Cent's New 'Hood Wants P.I.M.P. On Town Council

Editorial imagines packed meetings, youth involvement.

50 Cent was probably joking when he recently told reporters he was thinking of running for town council in his new hometown of Farmington, Connecticut. A local newspaper, however, says the G-Unit's biggest G should consider getting serious.

Staff writer Bill Larkin wrote an editorial in Thursday's The Herald of New Britain urging last year's top-selling musical artist to get involved in local politics. Larkin said a 50 run for office would galvanize the community and inspire young people to pay closer attention to politics that affect them directly.

"Do you really think public participation would be a problem if Curtis Jackson was the first speaker on the agenda?" he asked.

Larkin suggested that the rapper's term in office would add much-needed diversity to a council consisting solely of older Caucasian men.

His plea may fall on deaf ears, of course. We'll probably see Arnold Schwarzenegger run for president before 50 gets sidetracked from his lucrative touring and recording career, which includes an LP due later this year.

50 Cent also oversees releases on G-Unit Records. Label newcomer Game hopes to release his debut this year, Interscope Records has tentatively slated a Lloyd Banks solo album for May, and Young Buck's LP is also scheduled to drop sometime in 2004.