P. Diddy Cleared In Lawsuit Brought By TV Interviewer

Roger Mills alleges he was roughed up by Diddy's bodyguards after asking if he was involved in Notorious B.I.G.'s murder.

P. Diddy was cleared of all wrongdoing by a Detroit jury late Monday in a lawsuit brought by a television interviewer who alleges he was assaulted by the rap mogul's bodyguards.

Roger Mills was seeking monetary damages for injuries and equipment loss suffered in a 1999 incident in which he interviewed Diddy during a promotional tour for his album Forever. Mills, a radio DJ and cable-show host, admitted asking Diddy if he were somehow involved in the 1997 murder of Bad Boy Records artist and rap icon Notorious B.I.G. Mills then testified that Diddy's bodyguards trapped him in his car, roughed him up and tried to seize the interview tape.

Diddy, meanwhile, testified on Wednesday that he remembered little of the incident except ending the interview immediately after the question about Biggie was asked (see "P. Diddy Testifies He Did Not Order Attack On Interviewer"). All along, Diddy characterized this lawsuit as frivolous and vowed to fight it.