R. Kelly Keeps Steppin' In Chicago With New Street Tracks

'My Africa,' 'Happy People' now playing in Windy City.

Kanye West and Twista are putting up superstar numbers on the Billboard charts, but there's still one man who reigns supreme in their hometown of Chicago, and that's R. Kelly.

The singer has two new records in rotation in his Windy City stomping grounds. One, "My Africa," is being described by DJs as the ultimate black history record, while the other, "Happy People," is an ode to one his favorite pastimes, stepping.

"What do we do when the DJ is playing our favorite groove?" he asks rhetorically before answering himself on the latter cut. "We step/ To when? The whole night through/ What do we do/ When we're all dressed up and in the mood?/ We step to a stepper's groove."

Kelly later goes on to sing about getting dressed up and going to the spot where there's "nothing but happy people" because they keep the world "turnin' " and "dancin'."

Whether these songs will turn up on an R. Kelly album isn't clear. His label had no word yet on his next solo project. Meanwhile, a track titled "Best of Both Worlds Part 2" has turned up on mixtapes. On it, Kelly duets with Baby and asks the Lord to provide him shelter from pain.

A spokesperson for Cash Money said the Birdman wants to have their joint LP, which is now being called Best of Both Worlds: Ghetto Thrillers, in stores by April (see "R. Kelly, Baby Teaming Up For Best Of Both Worlds Sequel").