Nelly Visit Puts Riverboat Casino In Hot Water

$50K fine faced for allegedly letting rapper skirt laws.

A Missouri casino may have to pay for letting Nelly play.

The President Casino in St. Louis faces a possible $50,000 fine for

allegedly letting the rapper skirt state gaming laws during a trip he

made to celebrate his birthday last November.

The Missouri Gaming Commission confirmed that it proposed the fine on

Thursday and alleges that the casino, which is housed by the riverboat

Admiral on the Mississippi River, allowed Nelly and his entourage to

enter without first getting required electronic identification cards.

The electronic ID limits gamblers to withdrawing only up to $500 in

tokens every two hours. The state of Missouri has the only such law in

the country.

Regulators also allege that at one table, Nelly flashed an ID card that

belonged to an unknown woman. They also allege that an employee later

made a betting card for Nelly and ran it through to give the impression

Nelly had just arrived, thus expanding his betting limit. In all, the

Commission says the casino violated 10 different laws and rules.

Because the onus of the state's gaming laws falls on casinos, Nelly is

not being targeted by the Missouri Gaming Commission for any

wrongdoing. His spokesperson offered no comment.