Hilary Duff Does Drama, Screams For Three Days Grace On 'Summer' Set

Starlet on the road to more mature roles with 'Heart of Summer.'

LOS ANGELES — The club was crammed, Three Days Grace

were rocking the stage and a blonde on the shoulders of a dude in the

front row was flashing devil horns.

It was a typical rock concert except for one small detail. The blonde

was pop starlet Hilary Duff. And while the singer/actress has been

listening to heavier music lately, she was actually at this show to

work; her afternoon with Three Days Grace and several hundred extras

was being captured for a scene in her upcoming movie "Heart of Summer"

(see "Hilary Duff Can't Stay Away From Big Screen A Moment Longer").

"Basically what happens [before the concert scene] is my dad and my

brother got in a big fight because my brother's fighting for me to go

to this [performing arts] school because he knows that I'll do a great

job there," Duff explained. "And he gets grounded ... and I had gotten

tickets for his graduation present to this concert ... so we sneak out

and we drive there and we go to the concert and we have a great time."

Sounds like another fluffy Duff movie, right? Not exactly. On the way

home from the concert, her brother, played by Jason Ritter ("Freddy vs.

Jason"), is killed by a drunk driver. Duff's character learns later

that her brother had secretly signed her up to attend a summer session

at the arts school in Los Angeles.

"She really wants to go to because she has a really great voice, but

she has to kind of lie to her dad to get there and her aunt and her mom

are in on it," Duff said. "But at the same time, she's like, 'I don't

know if I should go because it's so soon after my brother dies.'

"She's just going through a lot of stuff and she's kinda the type of

person that bottles it all in," she continued. "She has a very strict

dad and he kind of wants everything his way. And her whole entire life,

she's just gone along with it. ... Her brother's always been the type

of person pushing to get out [of their small Arizona town]. And she's

always just gone with the flow and now she wants out."

David Keith, who has played villains in dozens of movies (most recently

"Daredevil"), plays Duff's father, while Rita Wilson ("Runaway Bride")

plays her mom and Rebecca De Mornay ("Identity") plays her aunt. John

Corbett ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") and Oliver James ("What a Girl

Wants") also co-star as a teacher at the school and Duff's love

interest, respectively.

"This is my first step toward working on a more dramatic movie," said

Duff, whose credits include "Cheaper by the Dozen," "Agent Cody Banks"

and "The Lizzie McGuire Movie."

" 'A Cinderella Story,' which is the movie that comes out before

['Heart of Summer'], definitely has a little more edge to it," Duff

explained. "[My character] deals a lot with her father dying and with

not being accepted at school, but the movies are totally, totally

different. It's a little more serious, it's a little more older.

"I'm not saying I totally wanna go there right now, though, you know,"

she added, smiling. That's because, at the moment, she was having too

much fun going to a rock concert.

"It's really funny, because I have been on tour lately and people just

want to touch your hand and they get so excited and I didn't know what

that was like," she said. "I didn't know too much about Three Days

Grace before we had started the filming, but I really love their music

now. And it's funny to be on the other side, like 'Ahh,' screaming

crazy, you know, being obsessed with somebody. It was a little awkward

at first, but I got the hang of it."