Blindside Catch Fire, Run Through Woods For 'All Of Us' Video

Christian rockers film clip for first single from About a Burning

Blindside decided to name their fourth album About a Burning

Fire because the songs are about the crackling flames of ambition

burning within the human heart. However, while working on the video for

the album's first single, "All of Us," Blindside longed for a burning

fire for a more practical reason — to warm their frozen hands.

The Swedish band, which filmed the clip in December in Romania with

director Patrick Hoelck, came to the shoot inadequately dressed. "We

thought it was going to be warm in southern Europe," said guitarist

Simon Grenehed, "but it was below zero. We didn't want to dress too

bulky because we were playing music, and [vocalist] Christian

[Lindskog] only wore a T-shirt. We all got sick coming home after that."

In the video, Blindside perform in the middle of a forest while

Lindskog chases a girl through the woods, his arms growing

progressively longer as he pursues her. Then the tables turn and the

young lady chases Lindskog, who flees in fright. "It has a very Tim

Burton-esque feel," Grenehed said. "The song made the producer think

about running and chasing for some reason."

It's not hard to understand why. Even though Blindside's members are

practicing Christians with positive lyrics, their music is angular,

ripping and full of raging energy. Sometimes it's also spontaneous.

Like the band's single "Pitiful," from its 2002 album, Silence,

"All of Us" practically wrote itself. "We wrote it in two hours during

preproduction, the week before we went into the studio," Grenehed said.

"Christian listened to it and found a melody right away. Every musician

loves it when things go that simple."

The track concerns a common Christian precept: learning humility and

not being afraid to follow the advice of others. "Everybody has a lot

of pride," Grenehed explained. "It's important to give up that

arrogance and not be stubborn about doing everything yourself. People

suffer from foolishness because of their pride. It's much better to not

follow your ego and to find peace within yourself."