If There Were A Party Of The Year Grammy, Outkast Would Win

Sharon Stone, Christina Aguilera, Kelis attend Hollywood Hills shindig.

LOS ANGELES — So where was Big Boi when Outkast won their first award of the night at the Grammys? On his way to the Staples Center.

Big left the arena after rehearsal so he could get fresh to def for the awards show, but he didn't make it back in time to join Andre 3000 in accepting their award for Best Rap Album. The Album of the Year winners were in sync the rest of the night, though, along with members of their Dungeon Family and some of their admirers and friends.

The post-Grammy affairs on Sunday night were off and running almost as soon as the show's final curtain dropped. Jermaine Dupri hosted a shindig at Pearl, Prince performed at the House of Blues and various record labels celebrated their artists' wins at locations across the city. But leave it to Big Boi and Dre to have the night's flyest soiree in terms of both attitude and altitude.

The Hollywood Hills mansion hosting the party put George and Weezey's deeelux apartment in the sky to shame. Getting to it meant a 10-minute trip up a spiral road, and after arriving at what at first appeared to be the top, visitors still faced a steep driveway bigger than most hills.


Kelis, Nas, Jessica Simpson and more at Outkast's Grammy party

Partygoers were brought up to the house by drivers in golf carts with rims that made them look like mini SUVs and luxury vehicles. They were dropped off on a red carpet, where photographers clamored for shots of stars such as Christina Aguilera, Ryan Phillippe, Sharon Stone and Nikka Costa.

Once inside, there was an option of going right upstairs to another section of the house, or going into the huge patio area, where a spotlight displaying the Outkast logo shined on the pool, behind which was a view of the entire city.

"I'm Andre's dad," offered a man sitting on a patio chair. When the gentleman, who looked like the older twin of Andre 3000, was congratulated on his son's successful night (see "Beyonce Wins Most, Outkast Shine, 50 Cent Shut Out At Grammys"), he answered just like his lad. "All I can say is stank you!"

In the kitchen, macaroni and cheese, spareribs, and cornbread were laid out. In the connecting living room, celebs either sat down and chilled or stood up and talked.

It was a reunion of the cast of "Martin" as Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold — or as Martin called them, Gina and Pam — laughed with "The Steve Harvey Show" 's Terri J. Vaughn. Nas and Kelis shared their own pleasantries with Patti LaBelle.

"This is my fiancé," Kelis said to Ms. Patti, introducing her better half.

"This is your boyfriend?" a delighted LaBelle double-checked.

"I'm marrying this man," Kelis reiterated with a smile.

Later, LA Reid briefly pulled Kelis away to chat with his former artist. B2K strolled in to check out the scene, and Nick Cannon joined the fray not long after.

Upstairs presented a crowded hallway, where partygoers literally rubbed elbows with the likes of the Roots, Musiq and Beck. The dark passageway was lined with personal pictures of the man who owned the house, including one of him with what appeared to be Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in her Mystique costume from the "X-Men" movies.


Outkast Feature: Black Wolf/Black Dog

Past an elevator and up a second flight of stairs, another part of the shindig was in full swing. Common soaked up the scene as partiers played pool and Xbox games and while Outkast's dancers stepped to 'Ol Dirty Bastard's "Brooklyn Zoo." In yet another lounge area, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson sipped drinks and shared laughs with friends.

Just outside of there, on the tent-covered outdoor basketball court that served as a dance floor, Paula Abdul tried to squeeze her tiny frame through the crowd toward the gambling tables off to the side. There, Prince's ex, Apollonia, could be found playing blackjack. As DJ Mark Ronson spun records like Usher's "Yeah" and Twista's "Slow Jamz," everyone at the crunk table, including the dealer, threw their hands in the air.

Jack Osbourne briefly stopped by to see them get down but opted to walk around like his sister Kelly. Meanwhile, DJ Twinz, David Alan Grier and video director Dave Meyers were taking full advantage of the dance floor as cuts like Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover," Teena Marie's "Square Biz" and N.O.R.E.'s "Nothin' " filled everyone's ears.

When Ronson threw on 50 Cent's "In Da Club," it had special meaning for producer Rockwilder — it was his birthday.

Outkast and the rest of the Dungeon Family partied like it was everyone in their crew's birthday. When the DJ played an Outkast set that went from "Roses" to "Hey Ya!" to "So Fresh, So Clean" and then to "Elevators (Me and You)," Sleepy Brown led the charge, standing on a chair and encouraging his family to raise their glasses in the air in triumph.

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