Outkast's Film Career Coming Into Focus

HBO movie, 'Get Shorty' sequel, Hendrix bio in the works.

LOS ANGELES — Forget Polaroids, Andre 3000 has his mind on celluloid pictures.

Along with an Outkast movie in development for HBO, and his role in the "Get Shorty" sequel, the rapper has signed on to star in a Jimi Hendrix biopic and is in final negotiations for a fourth film.

"It's a story about a piano player in 1976 with an interracial relationship," he said of the latter. "There's a lot of things going on in California right now."

The Hughes brothers, best known for writing and directing 1993's "Menace II Society," have been talking about making a Hendrix movie with Andre for months, but it appears to be coming closer to a reality. "It's still in rights issues right now, but it's looking good," Dre said.

In "Be Cool," the "Get Shorty" sequel starring John Travolta, Andre will play the leader of a rap group called the Dub MDs. And as for the still-untitled Outkast movie for HBO, the duo have finished a script with director Bryan Barber, who has helmed several of their videos, and they plan to start shooting in May.

"The script is so fly," Big Boi said. "And the next Outkast album is gonna be actually the soundtrack to the movie. One Outkast CD, 13 or 14 songs for the movie. We have some stuff in the vault, got some new stuff my man [Dre] got cooking."

The movie will also use songs from Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below, according to the duo, who are looking even further into the future than the soundtrack.

"We also working on the album after that album," Big Boi said. "We can't tell you all nothing about that one right yet, but just know it's going to be something that you all ain't expecting."

Meanwhile, Outkast have six nominations going into Sunday's Grammy Awards.

"Honestly, I hope we can walk away with something," Dre said. "I think there's a lot of great competition, so you never know. Sometimes there's politics. Sometimes it's full of sh--."