Josh Kelley's Label Overrules Fans' Pick For Next Single

But singer says luckily he has eight potential hits on his LP.

When the time came to consider the follow-up to his hit single "Amazing," Josh Kelley's gut told him to go with "Follow You."

"It's got a killer hook and it's the song everyone gets off on at shows," the singer/songwriter said. "But everybody [at Hollywood Records] is like, 'That's too bluegrass.' It's funny, the ones people enjoy the most are the ones the record label tells me no way could they be singles. I've learned that nobody knows anything about music. It's a guessing game."

Yes, it is. And Kelley's label guesses that "Everybody Wants You" has the most hit potential of the remaining songs on the Augusta, Georgia, native's For the Ride Home (see "Napster, James Brown Featured In Josh Kelley's 'Amazing' Story").

Fortunately, Kelley said, "There are about eight songs that should be singles," and "Everybody" is one of them.

Kelley shot the video a few weeks ago in Los Angeles with director Elliott Lester (Jason Mraz, Hilary Duff). The song will be featured in Julia Stiles' upcoming "The Prince & Me," due in theaters March 12.

Dates have yet to be announced, but Kelley will promote the song heavily on the road. "We'll probably tour most of the year," he said.

When Kelley's not traveling, he's back in Augusta, recording new material or mastering the dozens of songs he's already logged.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with all those songs, but they're there," he said. "It's like a time capsule. Some are concept songs, some are commercial, and some are in between. Most of the concepts are just for me. I can't wait to put a really creative album out, a concept piece that you really have to dig into. Albums like that are gone now and it makes me mad."

Kelley has written material with his younger brother, Charles, that he hopes to release soon.

"I had a band in high school, Inside Blue. Charles was lead singer and drummer," Kelley said. "He plays drums with a band and he's the best singer I've ever heard. And I think the band's singer knows it. It would be pretty intimidating to be in a band with that kid. He's a 4.0 student and an incredibly good golfer."

Josh Kelley's no duffer himself — he attended college on a golf scholarship — and he finds ways to keep his game up.

"I play pro-ams with radio programmers now and then," he said. "Next tour, I'm gonna stick the clubs on the bus and get way more chances to play!"