Courtney Love Promises To Tell All In Proposed 'Love Diaries'

Former Hole singer promising intimate autobiographical look through unpublished journal entries, lyrics, images.

Courtney Love, who once laid bare the diary entries of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, now proposes to publish her own.

The former Hole singer, in the hope that readers will have the same desire to peek into her private life as they did Cobain's, is shopping around a book about her life and loves. Like Cobain's "Journals," which debuted at #1 on The New York Times best-seller list for hardcover nonfiction in November 2002, the book will be an emotional

biography in scrapbook form.

But Love's literary agent, David Vigliano, who also brokered the

"Journals" deal, said that while comparisons between the two books are inevitable, Love's project "couldn't be more unlike Kurt's."

"The book features Courtney's legendary writings that have been whispered and wondered about for years," Vigliano said, "but that no one has ever seen. They're like the literary equivalent of Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series."

"Love Diaries: My Life in Words and Pictures" is being touted as a 250-page mishmash of diary entries, love letters and notes to Cobain; Polaroids and candid photographs with Cobain and their child, Frances Bean; unpublished lyrics; probation reports from juvenile-hall stays; fliers from early Hole gigs; and sketches for fashion designs, including those made while Love was detained at London's Heathrow

Airport in February 2003 (see "Courtney Love Arrested For Disorderly

Conduct Aboard London Flight" ).

The book will also include the unpublished liner notes for Live Through This, which the proposal's cover letter boasts "rivals David Foster Wallace at his best." A sample from those liner notes reads, "Like a virus on glucose, you're hungry, but I'm starving. ... I dream of Anne Sexton in her red negligee, with her therapist. ... I dream of life, life, life and truth. Now go to hell."

"This is too big a life to be contained by a standard autobiography," Vigliano said. "Love's life bridges the worlds of punk rock and Hollywood glamour, high fashion and San Francisco hippiedom. No other person's life touches so many cultures or such a broad cast of characters — from Julian Cope and Alex Cox to Milos Forman and

Marlon Brando." (Recently Love has been interested in tracing her maternal lineage back to Brando, a proposition that has been publicly disputed by her mother, Linda Carroll.)

This week Love and her manager will teleconference with publishers to discuss the proposal, which promises she can deliver the book by early April for fall publication.