Brandy's Brother Joining B2K, Group's Business Partners Say

R&B quartet parted ways with lead singer Omarion earlier this month.

Nobody, not even J-Boog, Raz-B or Lil Fizz, was sure if B2K could function as a trio. Now it looks like they don't have to find out, because B2K are once again a foursome.

According to Boog, Raz and Fizz's business partners, Brandy's younger brother, Ray J, will replace former lead singer Omarion, who left earlier this month.

A label spokesperson for B2K had no knowledge of the roster addition.

Omarion — while in New York recently with Marques Houston promoting B2K's upcoming film, "You Got Served" — said he's had a bit of a change of heart since making statements about the group being over (see "Omarion Calls B2K Breakup 'A Real Sad Situation' ").

"In the future, I hope we do get back together. I would definitely want to do that [once any solo projects are over]. I think the people would enjoy it," Omarion told MTV News.

Meanwhile, O is starting work on his untitled album, due this spring (see "Omarion's First Post-B2K Album Due In March"). Omarion said fans can expect something different than what they heard from him as part of a quartet.

"I'm gonna ... speak on some personal issues. Do a lot more issues. I'm gonna take on the whole business side of it this time around. I'm 19 years old, I think it's more important this time in my career that I'm involved a lot more."

Part of speaking on personal issues means addressing his departure from B2K in his music. "Most definitely," he said, "because it was critical time in my life."

No official word has come from B2K yet about when their first music with Ray J will surface, but another source working with the camp said they have a track on tap produced by R. Kelly.

—Shaheem Reid, with reporting by Sway Calloway